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    goMobi Mobile Features

    Create from your Desktop Site or make a Custom Site

    You can automatically create a goMobi site from a desktop site. Just enter your desktop site URL and we will do the rest. Your site will reflect the same look and feel as your desktop site. Alternatively, create a custom website in minutes, no desktop site required, the choice is yours. With the Control Panel you can build a web presence in minutes and edit it whenever you wish.

    30+ Mobile Features

    Engage your mobile customers with Click to Call, Maps and Social Networking features. Do business on your mobile site with Reservations, Coupons and mCommerce features. Create the best possible experience for mobile Internet users and convert them into customers.

    Powerful but Easy

    Focus on website creation, not coding. goMobi comes with a powerful but easy to use CMS tool that enables you to create a great website quickly and easily.

    Free 28 Day Trial

    You can try the goMobi Mobile Website Builder tool FREE for 28 days!

    When you add any qualifying product to your cart you can select to add the free goMobi trial.

    Full Feature List

    goMobi Features
    Over 50 Design Templates
    Robust Cloud Based Hosting
    Easy CMS Tool
    Full Image Control
    Maps & Directions
    Social Media Integration
    SEO Tools
    Automatic Redirection for Mobile Devices
    mCommerce Cart for up to 100 products
    Create Custom Forms
    YouTube or Vimeo Videos
    QR Codes and Coupons
    Click to Call and Leave a Message
    Analytics and Webmaster Tools
    Blog, Event Calendar & Newsfeed
    Automatic Device Detection
    Custom Icons

    Why do you need a Mobile Website?
    Because you need to move with the times...
    Watch the video and also see ourBlog Articleon why your business needs a mobile site


    More goMobi Features

    • gomobi find us
      Find Us - Google Maps & Directions
      Shopping Cart - Purchase directly from your mobile site
      gomobi star
      Reviews - Display and update the latest reviews
      gomobi image gallery
      Image Gallery - Link to a gallery or create your own
    • gomobi full website
      Full Website Link - Link from your mobile site to your full website
      gomobi forms
      Forms - Create multiple custom forms
      yt logo
      YouTube Video - Automatically converts & optimise videos
      gomobi twitter
      Twitter - Display your Tweets on your mobile site
    • keep me informed
      Keep Me Informed - Opt-in for text & email messages
      event calendar
      Event Calendar - Integrate Google Calendar
      Coupons - Create redeemable coupons
      Google Analytics - Integrate GA in one simple step
    • googlePlus
      Google+ - Keep in touch with customers
      Sub-Pages - Add sub-pages for more detailed information.
      3rd Party Advertising - Display mobile ads on your site
      about us
      About Us - One click for your customers to know all about you
    • site translation
      Site Translation - Select from over 30 languages
      your news
      Your News - Share your good news stories
      call back
      Call Back - Customers can request a call back
      opening hours
      Opening Hours - Tell customers when you are open
    • call us
      Call Us - One click calling with multiple numbers supported
      leave a message
      Leave a Message - Allow your customers to leave a message
      Blog - Create a Blog on your mobile site
      booking request
      Booking Request - Let your customers request a reservation
    • unlimited pages
      Unlimited Pages - Add more and more pages as your business grows
      Services - Showcase your full portfolio of services
      Legal - Don't forget to include your Terms & Conditions
      Facebook - Harness the full power of Social Media with links to Facebook
    • wysiwyg editing
      WYSIWYG Editing - Simple and stress-free content editing
      customize the site
      Customise the Site - Upload your logo and change the site to suit your brand
      Mobile/Desktop - Automatically direct traffic based on device
      device detection
      Device Detection - Your site is viewed across thousands of mobile devices
    • full transcoding
      Full Transcoding - Adapt your website content seamlessly
      Analytics - See where your traffic comes from and goes
      qr code alt
      QR Codes - Promote your site with a QR Code Campaign
      check in
      Support 'Check-Ins' for Facebook Places, Google Places & Yelp
    • create link
      Create Link - Create links to other web pages
      upload custom icons
      Upload Custom Icons - Use your own suite of custom icons
      smartphone bookmark
      Smartphone Bookmark Icon - For customers to put on their home screen
      site preview
      Site Preview - See edits to your site as you make them
    • keywords
      Keywords - Add keywords to improve search engine ranking
      multiple design templates
      Multiple Design Templates - Choose from a variety of templates
      multiple icon sets
      Multiple Icon Sets - Select from a variety of icon sets
      Search Engine Optimisation - Be found and drive traffic to your site

    goMobi Case Studies

    • qualityhotelmilduragrand.com.au

      Quality Hotel Mildura Grand is one of many accommodation services in Mildura, but it is located in a prime position. While they maintained their dominance, they still wanted to increase revenue in dry periods and achieved this growth through a new mobile website...

      Download the Case Study >>

    • clontarfcu.site.mobi

      Mobile sites are particularly important for businesses working in the financial services sector given that excellent mobile optimization can drive a lot of sales, sign-ups and product inquiries. Read how Clontarf Credit Union implemented a goMobi companion site to improve the User Experience for mobile visitors...

      Download the Case Study >>

    Key Statistics

    • 90% of the NZ population go online daily for non-work related purposes.
    • 91% of the New Zealand population use a mobile phone and 75% use a Smartphone.
    • When information is needed, 79% of NZer's said the Internet is the first place they look.
    • 33% of Kiwi's use a Smartphone at least as often as a computer to look for product information and 21% purchase products & services on their Smartphone as often as their computer.
    • 40% of New Zealander's go online equally via Smartphone and computer/tablet and 21% use a Smartphone more than a computer/tablet.
    • When encountering an issue using a website on their Smartphone, 29% of people will find another site that works better on their Smartphone.
    If you're not able to reach your audience through mobile search or display, or you're not providing a satisfactory mobile experience you will miss out compared to your competitors who are.


    • Do I need to have an existing website?

      You can automatically create a goMobi site from a desktop site. Alternatively, create a custom website in minutes, no existing desktop site required, the choice is yours. With the Control Panel you can build a web presence in minutes and edit it whenever you wish.

    • Will goMobi replace my desktop site, or be in addition to my desktop site?

      You can use either approach. If you already have a full desktop site, you can use a goMobi mobile site to deliver mobile-friendly web content to visitors on the go. You could also use goMobi to cater for mobile traffic as well as desktop by enabling Tablet/Larger Screen layouts in addition to Mobile Phone Layouts.

    • I already own a domain name, can I use it for my mobile site?

      Yes. Just make sure that the DNS of the domain you want to use for your website is updated. You need to set up a CName record on the domain you want to use for your mobile site. This needs to point to lb.goMobi.info.

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