BackupMX Technical Disclaimer

1.  We will accept email for the domain name for which BackUpMX has been ordered only.

2.  We will attempt to verify with the primary MX for the domain name to ensure the email address is valid. In a situation where the primary MX server is unavailable and we have not recently checked an email address we will assume the email addresses is valid and accept email for that domain (based on the other conditions).

3.  We reserve the right to reject connections and/or email senders if they look to be sending spam or viruses, or abusing our servers. 

4.  Once an email address is accepted, we will attempt to send the email to the primary MX (determined by ether DNS or predetermined) for up to 5 days, after which we may bounce the email address. (NOTE: We also reserve the right to increase or decrease this timeout if required, as long as it does not inhibit the delivery of email to the primary MX).  If the primary MX record becomes available, we will deliver the emails stored on our servers and once our servers have determined a successful delivery (2xx) or a hard failure (5xx) our servers will delete any copy of the email and we will no longer be responsible for the delivery of that email.

5.  If the primary MX server returns a soft failure (4xx) our servers will assume that the server is still unavailable and will continue to hold the email for up to the maximum period mentioned above.