Introducing Synapse

Synapse Search connects your business with customers that are actively searching for your products and services online.


Freeparking is excited to announce the launch of Synapse Search

Search Engine Optimisation connects you with customers actively searching for your products or services online.  If your website is not visible on the top half of Google, your competitors could be. Synapse makes sure potential customers find you.


WIN $20K worth of SEO Services

The team at Synapse would love to show you the Return on Investment that effective Search Engine Optimisation can deliver. Book a no obligation chat between April 11th and July 11th 2018 and be in to WIN $20,000 worth of SEO Services delivered by the team at Synapse. Conditions apply.




Why choose Search Engine Optimisation?

  • SEO Strategies

    We deliver end-to-end SEO strategies using our experience,
    your data, world-class analytics tools and best-practice.

  • On-page SEO

    You need a solid foundation for SEO.
    We perform deep site audits to create next-steps in improving your website.

  • Link Acquisition

    A strong backlink profile with quality links & brand mentions remains a primary search ranking factor.
    We take an ethical ‘white hat’ approach to acquiring links. 

  • Content Optimisation

    To connect with your customers you need to ensure that the right content appears on Google for the right searches.
    We promote and build content that ranks. 


  • What is Search Engine Optimisation?

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of increasing the visibility of your website within the natural (organic) listing on Google. The goal of SEO is to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website. 

  • Why would I invest in SEO when I already have a website?

    To increase your visibility and position in Googles organic results so that you can be found when searchers are trying to find your products or services. If you have an existing website, then you’re in the perfect position to invest in SEO and build your web-presence value over time.

  • What is the difference between SEO and Adwords?

    Google Adwords is a pay per click form of advertising. That means that whenever someone clicks on your ad at the top of Google, you will be charged for that click and consequent visitor. SEO increases the number of clicks you get from Google, without having to pay Google per visitor. 

  • Is SEO worth it?

    As a marketing activity – like branding, if done well, directed SEO work builds in value over time. If you ask our team at Synapse they can put together a potential Revenue Analysis and work out what the potential return on investment is. 

  • How much does SEO cost?

    This depends entirely on your objectives and the competitive nature of your niche. Have a chat to our team at Synapse and we’ll find out what opportunity there is, how we can get you there, and what options there are.

  • I'm in a very competitive industry, is it too late to SEO?

    It's never too late to improve on your website visibility.  Since Synapse doesn't offer "cookie cutter" campaigns, we take a look at every campaign with a brand new set of ideas and strategy. Even if you're in a competitive space.

  • What makes Synapse Search different to all the other SEO companies?

    Synapse Search doesn't offer templated SEO campaigns like most other agencies do. They take an in depth look at your website and overall online marketing strategy, and form a custom strategy, that will specifically work for your business. They inform you at each step of the campaign exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it.

  • I'm already on page one of Google, can SEO get me to position one?

    For sure! Considering that the click through rate (the percentage of people that click a result in Google) for position five is 9.21 percent and position one is 20.5 percent, it can make a world of difference to your business by getting just a few positions higher! 


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