6 Important Considerations When Choosing a Domain Name
6 Important Considerations When Choosing a Domain Name

Not Just a Domain Name

When launching a business in the online space, one of the most crucial decisions to your success is choosing a domain name. It is one of the first things a customer notices about your company and the message you’re sending has the ability to make or break an aspiring business.

Domain names are often overlooked as one of the biggest branding tools you have at your disposal to market your business. Opting for a cheaper website address that doesn’t represent your brand has the same negative consequences as a poorly designed logo. Choose one that is lengthy or complicated and you are running the risk of losing revenue and being overshadowed by a competitor.

It is vital that when you choose a domain name you look for one that is marketable, unique and in line with your brand identity.

Here are six key factors when choosing a marketable domain name:

Choose the right extension

Most online users in NZ assume a business website will end with co.nz, but will often look at .nz, .kiwi, and .kiwi.nz as other options. Don’t choose an extension just because the domain name you were originally hoping for isn’t available. In the majority of cases, .com is the best choice, and purchasing additional domain names with a location-specific extension like .nz, co.nz, or .kiwi may be hugely beneficial.

Opt for a memorable domain name

You want to choose a domain name that people will remember over your online competitors. This is not the time to choose something that is clever or an inside joke. A brand represents how someone perceives your company; you can only have a lasting influence if they can remember who you are.

Have an authoritative voice

A domain name that sounds authoritative can increase your credibility and trust among your online consumers. Even though you might be a little start-up company, try sound as strong and trustworthy as a one of the larger businesses in your market place. Just remember though, if you have to tell people you are the best, you probably aren’t; so, avoid a domain name like bestbooks.com

Stick to short names

Typically, one to two words are ideal for a domain name. Of the 100,000 top websites, nine characters is the average. Anything more and you run the risk of people spelling it incorrectly or forgetting your domain altogether because it’s just too difficult.

Be relevant

Just as you would when deciding on a company name, spend some time doing a little research before you pick your domain name to ensure you are relevant. Does your name communicate your desired message? Is it something your customers are searching for on Google?

Protect it

Congrats, you have secured your perfect domain name; now you need to protect it. Be strategic and purchase the domains that are very similar in spelling and with various domain extensions. For example, if your domain is 1book.com, you should also register onebook.com. This prevents your competitors and savvy cyber squatters from profiting from customers who misspell your domain.

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