8 Mistakes You're Making in Social Media
8 Mistakes You're Making in Social Media

8 mistakes you’re making with your business’s social media

For a lot of SME businesses in New Zealand, social media is seen as a necessary ‘evil’. Yes, it’s an important marketing tool, but getting it right isn’t always so straightforward. However, even using it in its simplest form can still be beneficial – and you don’t need a big budget to see great results!

So just make sure you’re not making these 8 mistakes and your social media could soon be humming along nicely.

1. Posting too little (or too much)
It’s a fine balance to achieve – post too much and people get sick of you. Post too little, and people forget you even exist!

This is a common mistake of many businesses, where they just use social media to make an announcement occasionally, or mention a new team member. Unfortunately you can’t build a brand with ad-hoc posting. The success of your social media relies on consistent posts so that followers can engage with you on a regular basis.

But remember – don’t flood people’s feeds either! There are quite a few differences of opinion on this topic, but try to post on Facebook between 3 to 5 times a week, with Instagram and LinkedIn able to handle one a day (or every second day).

2. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors
It’s simple. Check and recheck that there are no spelling mistakes, wrong punctuations or grammatical errors – because it just says unprofessional and sloppy. Which of course are two things you don’t want people to think about when it comes to your business.

3. No content plan
Content plans make posting on social media so much easier – you’re not having to try and think up something creative on a daily basis. But it’s not only about that, they also provide you with a way to carefully consider what could be relevant to post at a particular time or day, like an upcoming sale or how to get organised for Christmas.

There are so many free content templates online as well as plenty of helpful hints when it comes to brainstorming ideas – don’t reinvent the wheel, just make it applicable to your business and followers.

4. Inconsistent tone
This is another important ‘brand building’ element. Every brand has a voice – one that speaks to its ideal audience – so if yours is all over the place, then it can be hard for your followers to relate to you and your business. Of course, some posts may lend themselves to a more serious vibe, but try to stick to one tone of voice to keep things consistent.

5. Too many sales posts
Did you know that your social media pages aren’t about selling to people? Well, not directly anyway. In fact, you should really consider the 80/20 rule when it comes to social media – in that only 20% of your posts should be promoting your business. And the rest? They should be entertaining and/or educating your followers.

Your social media pages aren’t an infomercial or advertising mailer in the letterbox – they are a community where you can build a really great relationship with your audience.

6. Not providing value to the audience
Following on from the point above, your social media needs to provide value to your audience – otherwise why would they follow you? So when it comes to every post you create, think about what value it has for your followers.

If you’re introducing a team member – the value lies in what that team member does for your customers. And helps them to have an understanding of who they might be communicating with next time they call or email. Focus on the ‘why’. Why does it matter to them?

7. It isn’t engaging or shareable
Posts that encourage engagement (like commenting or tagging friends) are absolute gold when it comes to social media. The more you get, the more often your posts show up in people’s feeds and the more followers you will gain.

And this is also true with posts that get shared. Ever heard of ‘going viral’? That’s what happens to things on social media that are extremely popular. Being shared (for all the right reasons) is a really great way to boost results.

8. Not responding to comments
Social media is about having a conversation with your audience, and engagement is so valuable for a variety of reasons. So if someone says something to you – make sure you reply! Not answering questions or monitoring what is being said on your posts can be really detrimental to your brand.



By Erin Harrison, Guest Blogger

Erin loves all things content and digital marketing. She has been freelancing since for-ever-ago and there is almost no industry Erin hasn’t carefully crafted content for – across both print and online.

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