5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic
5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

10 ways to get more web traffic – fast!

A website is nothing without visitors. And as a business – it hurts when no one stops by to check out the awesome work you do!

The good news is, there’s plenty of ways to improve traffic to your website, and there are 10 ways listed below to help you out. But wait! Before you begin to drive more people to it, you need to make sure that it is up-to-date and fully optimised to provide a great user experience for anyone who visits. Only once that is done, should you look to attract the crowds.

1. Check your SEO
Was that a groan? Yes, you’re probably sick of hearing all sorts of folk go on and on about search engine optimisation. But there’s a very important reason for doing so. If your website isn’t providing Google with all it needs to know about your site, then it’s going to continue to overlook what you do. Think of it like a running race with your shoe laces undone – sure, you can still run, but you won’t be as fast (or effective).

Not your forte? Pay a specialist to get it done right. (It is worth noting that SEO doesn’t work overnight, but it’s always where you need to start your journey to growing traffic).

2. Use Google Analytics & Search Console
Once you have taken care of your SEO, make sure you get Google to ‘crawl’ your website. This is so it can ‘check out’ the information you’re providing and file your website away under the relevant search topics.

And while you’re there, spend some time looking into your Google Analytics and Search Console. Analysing this data can give you some great insights into ways of improving your website traffic – understanding what brings people to your site, so you can capitalise on it.

3. Spend time on social media
Right, so now you have the technical side of things sorted, they will continue to work away in the background while you set yourself up with a sandwich board and a large, loud bell. Well, not quite. But you do need to do things that will attract attention – it’s all about plenty of activity online, and specifically, social media.

Regular and relevant posting on whichever social media platforms are suitable for your business will result in an increase of organic (unpaid) traffic. (And don’t forget to use hashtags.) Build a community and people will come.

4. Blogs & news
Blogs and news are ideal for improving traffic. Post them on social media for instant conversions and don’t forget to share thought-leader pieces on Medium. And here’s a wee insider tip – simply refreshing older blogs can work wonders for traffic, because it already has the visitors numbers behind it, but with a newer date, will be seen by Google as more relevant.

Each blog can also be reformatted into any number of other assets to attract visitors – from infographics to videos, downloadable checklists and more. This will help make your content a lot more ‘shareable’ (and don’t forget to have social media buttons on your website so sharing is easy.).

5. Collaborate with others
Networking isn’t for everyone, but it really does have plenty of potential to help with growing website traffic.

Most local regions have online business and community groups where you can post links to your website, and keep an eye out for opportunities to collaborate with other businesses. You could run an event together, host an online webinar, or write a guest blog for each other’s website.

6. Offer something of value – for free
Everyone loves a little something for free, especially when it comes without a catch. So if you’re able to offer a valuable asset, tool or test product, for nothing, you could certainly end up with peak hour traffic on your hands. (Just don’t forget to promote it).

7. Email marketing
Enjoyable, interesting and captivating email marketing can be the stuff of legends when it comes to getting people to your website. Nail it, and do regular mail outs to your database.

8. Google My Business
If you don’t have a Google My Business listing – get one! It’s free. Just make sure you give it plenty of love, as a listing with updated photos, information and regular updates will reap the rewards of traffic over and above one that is simply left to languish.

9. Optimise for mobile
Searches on mobile now surpass desktop. And because of this, Google favours websites that have been optimised for viewing on smart devices. So if your site isn’t set up for a great user experience while browsing on a mobile phone, chances are you are missing out on plenty of organic traffic. Get this sorted, have Google recrawl your site, and keep an eye on those visitor numbers.

10. Spend a little on advertising
So sure, it isn’t how to get organic traffic to your site. But Google Ads and social media advertising does help bring more traffic to your website, and done right – it works rather quickly. It also doesn’t have to cost the earth.

And because Google uses traffic and site interaction as part of its ranking algorithms, when PPC (pay per click) ads drive traffic to your site, then your site’s organic ranking could benefit indirectly.



By Erin Harrison, Guest Blogger
Erin loves all things content and digital marketing. She has been freelancing since for-ever-ago and there is almost no industry Erin hasn’t carefully crafted content for – across both print and online.

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