Why do I need SiteLock?
  • 21 Oct 2021
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Why do I need SiteLock?

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There are hundreds of thousands of cyber threats to your website and network stability. New ones are being discovered every day. If your website is infected by any one of these, your business may suffer, not only due to website downtime, but also by a loss of consumer confidence.

SiteLock will help you discover and deal with vulnerabilities and cyber dangers effectively and efficiently. It will secure your network, protect your databases, extract malware and preserve your reputation.

Which SiteLock plan is right for me?

The best SiteLock plan will depend on the type of website you manage, as well as your business requirements. Below are some guidelines:

This plan is ideal if you maintain a fairly simple (25 pages or less), content-only website. If you don't collect personal information, store data, or sell products or services, this package is an affordable way to keep hackers out and your site safe.

The SiteLock Find plan offers a Deep 360-Degree Site Scan and basic daily malware scanning to alert you of any malicious activity on your website.

Consider a SiteLock Fix plan if you run a dynamic site (up to 500 pages): perhaps you collect non-public information, encourage interaction or comments (such as social networking or blogging), or run a special interest site. SiteLock Fix protects the information shared with you, and offers database security and detection tools. Ideal for business websites that do not collect credit card or payment information.

SiteLock Fix security includes SMART (Smart Malware Alert & Removal Tool) to scan files, directories and code for daily malware removal.

If you want to increase website performance, a good option is the Accelerate plan (up to 500 Pages). Not only do you get the full benefits of SMART (like Fix), but you get daily vulnerability scans and Advanced Website Acceleration through Intelligent Caching and Content Optimisation.

If your business relies heavily on your website for its daily operation, you should consider the Prevent plan. Not only do you get the full benefits of SMART (like Fix and Accelerate), but you get ongoing vulnerability scans. And you get the full protection of a Web Application Firewall, which means that your website actually resides behind a dedicated, powerful wall of protection.

If you need help deciding which plan is best for you, contact our Support Team.

Can I upgrade to a different plan later?

  • Yes, you can upgrade your plan for more advanced features at anytime.

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