Which Domain Extension Should I Choose?
  • 21 Oct 2021

Which Domain Extension Should I Choose?

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Here are three things you’ll want to consider when deciding which domain extension to use.

1. What fits your branding?

If your branding is a corporate image, then it would be worth seeking out a .com URL. Some major businesses adopt a .co.nz or .kiwi or .nz if identify as Kiwi born and bred! Like Kiwibank, who uses a mix .co.nz and .nz, which makes sense as a home-grown bank.

Other popular ones include - .org .net. .biz and industry specific ones such as .edu .ac.nz .school and .mil, though you'll need to prove you are indeed representative in those areas – education or military.

2. Where is your audience based?

If you're a business with a global reach, consider the .com suffix as it reflects the global reach. There's also a certain cachet about .com that suggests your business is bigger, or more established than it is.

Of course, if your customers are local, such as in the case of a local café it makes sense to use .nz, .kiwi or .co.nz suffixes.

3. Do you plan to expand?

If you plan to reach out to the global marketplace then it would pay for you to secure the .com now and hang onto it. Who knows, your business might be so successful and grow so massively that in time you will need to buy up localised versions of your website name - .kiwi .com.au .uk etc.

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