Updates About the Freeparking Platform Upgrade
  • 28 Jul 2022

Updates About the Freeparking Platform Upgrade

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Why am I receiving a Welcome to Freeparking email? I don’t have an account?

If you have an account with Freeparking (even if it was from 15 years ago), it was brought over to the new platform. The Welcome to Freeparking email lets you know what your login details are, so you can easily log in and manage your account.

Have you been hacked? Is this legitimate?

No, we have not been hacked, and yes, the Welcome to Freeparking email is legitimate. When trying to decide if an email is valid or not, look at the sender as well as the links – do they look right? If you can’t tell, it’s best to contact us to make sure.

My website is down / My DNS records aren’t right

No problem, reach out to the Support Team via Live Chat, Email, or Phone and they’ll get you back up and running.

Where can I access the Email Control Panel?

You can click on either of these links: https://mailx.hosts.net.nz/mailadmin or https://mailx.freeparking.co.nz/mailadmin, and input your account details. In addition, if you need to go to your Webmail, just remove the '/mailadmin' on the links above and you can access your Control Panel or Webmail.

Where can I see updates relating to the migration?

For updates regarding migrations, outages, and maintenance notices – keep an eye on the Network Status page.

For Freeparking Resellers, you can access your account through this link: Resellers

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