Can I have my domain names or services renewed automatically?
  • 14 Sep 2021
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Can I have my domain names or services renewed automatically?

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You can have your domain names and services renew automatically, here's how.

Automatic renewal is available if you have stored a credit card against your account. You can choose which services you wish to auto-renew, how long to renew for, and your credit card will be charged on the due date when we process the renewal.

You will be sent an email notice with all pending automatic renewals before they occur and you can disable automatic renewal up until 2 days before the renewal due date. If a service is auto-renewed we cannot reverse it and refund your money, so please ensure you turn off auto-renewal if you do not want to renew a service.

Automatic Renewal Instructions

Step one: Store your Credit Card

  • Login to the secure portal and go to the 'My Details' Page.
  • Click on the 'Store Credit Card' link.
  • Click on the 'Add card' button and then enter your credit card details and click the Submit button.

Step two: Enable Automatic Renewal

  • Once you have stored your credit card details using the instructions above then go to the Renewals page.
  • Click on 'Automatic renewal' and then 'View options'.
  • At the bottom of the page select the option 'On - Create an invoice and pay for it using a store credit card' and click the Update button.
  • You will be displayed a list of your services and can select which ones you want to be automatically renewed by ticking the 'Enabled' box as enquired.
  • Then click the 'Update' button to save the changes.

The services you have selected for automatic renewal will renew the day before they are due for renewal.

Please Note:

You must make sure that you keep an active card stored for automatic renewals to be able to process. Our system will not warn you if your credit card expires. If your stored card expires and you want to update that you will first need to remove the current stored credit card, and then re-add it using your new credit card details.

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