Outlook 2011 Mac Email Setup Guide
  • 17 Sep 2021
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Outlook 2011 Mac Email Setup Guide

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Settings to add your email account to Outlook 2011 on Mac.

Please view the video setup guide for Outlook 2011 (Mac) email below:

Alternatively, you can use the step-by-step guide below:

Replace name@domainname.co.nz with your own Freeparking email address.

Step 1. Open Outlook from the Dock menu.

rtaImage (20)

Step 2. From the top menu click Tools then Accounts.

rtaImage (21)

Step 3. Click the E-mail Account option to proceed.

rtaImage (22)

Step 4. Enter the following fields and click the Add Account button.

  • Email Address: Your Freeparking email address.
  • Password: Your email password.
  • Configure automatically: Unticked
  • User name: Your Freeparking email address.
  • Type: IMAP (or POP)
  • Incoming server: mailx.freeparking.co.nz : 993
  • Use SSL to connect: ticked
  • Outgoing server: mailx.freeparking.co.nz : 465
  • Override default port: ticked
  • Use SSL to connect: ticked

rtaImage (23)

Step 5. Click the More Options button.

rtaImage (24)

Step 6. Change the Authentication option to Use Incoming Server Info then click OK.

rtaImage (25)

You can now close the email settings by clicking the red circle in the left corner of the accounts window.

You can now send and receive emails using Outlook 2011.

If you have any difficulty please contact Support.

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