Mozilla Thunderbird Email Setup Guide
  • 17 Sep 2021
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Mozilla Thunderbird Email Setup Guide

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Follow this guide to setup email via Mozilla Thunderbird.

Please view the video setup guide below:

Alternatively, you can use the step-by-step guide below:

Replace '' with your own Freeparking email address.

Step 1. Click Email and then click Skip this and use my existing email.

rtaImage (6)(3)

Step 2. Fill in the fields as below and then click Continue.

Your name: What you want people to see when they get an email from you.
Email address: Your full Freeparking email address.
Password: Your email password

rtaImage (7)(2)

Step 3. Thunderbird will attempt to automatically look for the email settings, but instead of this click the Manual config button.

rtaImage (8)(2)

Step 4. Fill in the fields as per below and then click Done.

rtaImage (9)(1)

You can now use Thunderbird to send and receive mail.

If you have any difficulty please contact Support.

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