How to Change Domain Name Registrant
  • 16 Dec 2021
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How to Change Domain Name Registrant

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Follow these steps to change the registrant of a domain name.

Freeparking provides a free online Registrant Transfer process.

The new Registrant will need an account with Freeparking that the domain name can be transferred into. If they do not have an existing account, they can create one here.

The new Registrant will need to provide the old Registrant with the username of their account before they can initiate the transfer. To start the transfer process, the old Registrant logs into their account at and selects to manage the domain name from under the 'Services' menu.

From the domain’s management page, click on the 'Contact Details' section and select the 'Transfer Registrant' option.

The old Registrant will then be asked to enter the username of the account to transfer the domain name into (the new Registrant's account).

The new Registrant will need to confirm acceptance of the domain name transfer, which they can do by logging into their account after the transfer has been initiated.

Once confirmed, the domain name will be transferred to the new Registrant's account.

Alternatively, we can manually complete a registrant transfer for you - please note that a processing fee of $39.95 + GST applies. This cost is per domain you are wanting transferred.

Download and complete the Registrant Transfer form and scan and email that to

Registrant transfer FAQ's

What is a Registrant Transfer?

A Registrant Transfer is the name given to the process of changing the legal holder or “owner” of a registered domain name.

Can I cancel my domain and re-register it to change the legal registrant?

This is not recommended. If you cancel a domain name it is not immediately made available to register again.

For cancelled .nz domain names, there is a holding (‘pending release’) period of 90 days before the domain name is released and becomes available for registration by a new party.

TLD domain names cannot actually be cancelled manually, they must be left to expire “naturally” i.e. the term they have been registered for must run out.

If you choose to wait until a domain name is released in order to register it under a different Registrant name, there is a very real risk that somebody else may register the newly released domain name before you do.

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