How to Set Up & Manage Free Single Email Forwarding for Domains
  • 14 Sep 2021
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How to Set Up & Manage Free Single Email Forwarding for Domains

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Instructions on how to set up and manager the free single email forwarding for domains.

To access and set up the free Single Email Forwarding service for your domain name, go to the Login page on the Freeparking website and sign in. Go to the Services tab and click manage next to the domain you want to enable Single Email Forwarding for. Click on the 'Service Management' tab and scroll down and click on the Request button in the Single Email Forwarding section.

This will allow you to enter an address, and forward mail sent to this address to another address you own. Click save to finish.


In order to access and use the free Single Email Forwarding service, the domain name must be using the Freeparking DNS servers ( and and also be pointing to the Freeparking ‘parked domain’ IP Address ( There must also be no MX record configured in the DNS records for the domain name. If you have just changed the name servers to Freeparking's name servers and / or just edited the 'A Records' for the Domain to point at our redirection IP address of, then you will need to allow for normal DNS propagation to complete. This can vary from as little as one hour to 48 hours.

Free Single Email Forwarding FAQs

Why is Single Email Forwarding unavailable for my domain name?

For Single Email Forwarding to be available your Domain needs to be using the Freeparking name servers and the domain's 'A Records' should be pointing at the IP address and there should be no MX record. If required please see the DNS FAQ’s and in particular the 'How do I change my DNS records?' and 'How do I Change my Domain Name Servers?' sections.

Can I remove or edit my Single Email Forwarding?

Yes you can remove or change a Single Email Forward at any stage. Follow the same initial steps as detailed above to access the Single Email Forwarding section and click the Modify button.

To delete just remove the details there and click the Save button.

To change the Single Email Forward just edit the fields accordingly and click the Save button.

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