How do I renew my domain name?
  • 14 Sep 2021
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How do I renew my domain name?

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Follow these steps to renew your domain name.

Manual Renewal

Domain names and other services can be renewed by logging in to the secure account portal on the Freeparking website.

Once logged in either use the Renewals page or manage the domain name and use the 'Renewal' section. Payment can be made by credit card or Online banking via POLiPay. Alternatively you can use the quick link in the reminder notice sent by Freeparking.

Automatic Renewal

You can store a credit card against your account and enable automatic renewal for your selected services using the following instructions.

Step one: Store your Credit Card

  • Login to the secure portal and go to the 'My Details' Page.
  • Click on the 'Store Credit Card' link.
  • Click on the 'Add card' button and then enter your credit card details and click the Submit button.

Step two: Enable Automatic Renewal

  • Once you have stored your credit card details using the instructions above then go to the Renewals page.
  • Click on 'Automatic renewal' and then 'View options'.
  • At the bottom of the page select the option 'On - Create an invoice and pay for it using a store credit card' and click the Update button.
  • You will be displayed a list of your services and can select which ones you want to be automatically renewed by ticking the 'Enabled' box as required.
  • Then click the 'Update' button to save the changes.

The services you have selected for automatic renewal will renew the day before they are due for renewal.

Please Note:

You must make sure that you keep an active card stored for automatic renewals to be able to process. Our system will not warn you if your credit card expires.

Renewal FAQ's

Will you notify me when my domain names are due for renewal?

Yes, 3 reminder notices will be sent by email to the contact email address on record before your domain name is due to expire. Please ensure your contact details are kept up to date to ensure these Renewal Notices are received.

How do I check to see when my domain names are due for renewal?

To view the expiry dates for your domain names login to 'My Account' on the Freeparking website and then navigate to the 'Services' tab. All domains and other services are listed along with their 'Next Due Date'.

What happens if I don’t pay for my domain name to be renewed?

If you do not pay to renew your domain name it will be deactivated on the listed expiry date. It will remain in a deactivated state for a period of time during which it can be reactivated by paying the overdue renewal fees. Following the deactivation period it will then be cancelled at the Registry and will eventually be put back into the pool of available names.

Why can't I renew my .uk or .au domain names?

There are restrictions on when these domain name extensions become available for renewal. For .uk domain names, you can only renew the registration within 6 months prior to the expiry date. For .au domain names, renewal can only be processed within 90 days prior to the expiry date.

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