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The future of the Internet is here with hundreds of exciting new domain name extensions being released. These new domains are specific to a variety of different interests and industries. Whether you missed out on your preferred domain name or you just want to stand out from the crowd, this is your opportunity to grab your ideal domain name before somebody else does.

Check the status of new releases below...
Priced From
$59.00 + GST
$39.00 + GST
$49.00 + GST
$59.00 + GST
$59.00 + GST
$59.00 + GST
$89.00 + GST
$59.00 + GST
$89.00 + GST
$139.00 + GST
$59.00 + GST
$109.00 + GST
$89.00 + GST
$59.00 + GST
$39.00 + GST
$59.00 + GST
$109.00 + GST
$169.00 + GST
$109.00 + GST
$59.00 + GST
$109.00 + GST
$39.00 + GST
$79.00 + GST
$59.00 + GST
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Pre register to ensure you get iy upon its release date.


Follow the extension to get updates on its release date.

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Please note the following domain names are not available for registration:
  1. Blocked domain names as determined by ICANN's name collision rules.
  2. Premium domain names - reserved by the Registry for sale by auction or at premium fixed prices.
  3. Domain names that have been registered in a previous phase of the launch.
  4. All one and two character domain names - including all combinations of letters and digits.
  5. The countries and regions mentioned in ISO 3166 as domain names.
  6. Reserved domain names - that are or will be reserved by the Registry for special uses, or by the Registry for its own operations.

New gTLD Domains Watchlist

To help New Zealand businesses and marketers in what's regarded by industry analysts as the biggest change to the Internet since its inception, we have released an online Watchlist through which you will be able to register your interest in any new domain name extension. We encourage you to register your interest and actively monitor the release of domain names which may be of interest to you using the form below.

Add a domain to your watchlist:

  • You can follow any of the new gTLD domain names by adding them to your Watchlist right now.
  • Watching a new domain name is simple and easy. Use your existing account or set up a free account, enter domain names that you are interested in, add those names to your cart and we’ll add them to a Watchlist in your account.
  • There is nothing binding about following new domains with your Watchlist, so you can change your mind if you decide you’re no longer interested in them.
  • When we have pricing and launch dates for each of the new domains on your Watchlist, you will be notified by email. You can decide at that point if you would like to go ahead with registration or not.
  • We can offer you the most up-to-date information on new gTLDs, and a chance to be first in line for these new domains when they launch.

Terms & Conditions for New gTLD Domains Watchlist & Pre-Registration

New gTLD Domain Names Pre-Registration

Pre-registration allows you the best chance of securing your chosen domains as all pre-registered domain applications will be sent to the Registry the moment it opens for general availability.

Pre-registration for any of the new gTLD domain names will only be available when we have received a confirmed launch date for General Availability and a price from the Registry.

Pre-register a domain name:

  • You can pre-register new gTLD domain names with Freeparking right now.
  • If you have previously added a new gTLD domain name to your Watchlist and that extension becomes available for pre-registration, you will be notified by email and given an opportunity to pre-register.
  • Any domain extensions that show a status of ‘pre-register’ can be pre-registered using the search tool provided.
  • To submit domains for pre-registration you will need to have a valid credit card stored against your account. To store a credit card, log in to My Account and under the Details tab you will find the Credit Card Details section.
  • Once you’ve confirmed the domains you wish to register, we will attempt to register those domains for you at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Due to potential high demand we cannot guarantee that we will be able to successfully register the domains on your behalf, but we do have experience running pre-registration programs.
  • Domain names that we successfully register on your behalf will then be charged to the credit card stored against your account.
  • We can offer you the most up-to-date information on new gTLDs, and a chance to be first in line for these new domains when they launch.

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Always opt for an alternative extension before you settle for an undesirable web address.

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