Introduced at the beginning of the 21st Century, .biz is one of the generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) in the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS). .biz was created as a restricted domain, only available for people with the intent of using it for business or commerce, with emphasis placed on the exchange of goods and services of any kind, or the facilitation of such a process. It is, exclusively, a business oriented domain.

History of .biz

In the late 1990s, .com, an original Top Level Domains implemented in 1985 alongside .org, .net, .mil, .arpa and .edu, had become so large that alternatives became necessary. .com had initially been implemented specifically for commercial use but overtime became a general purpose domain. This of course resulted in its becoming the largest of all the Top Level Domains. It then became necessary that a domain be implemented specifically for businesses. This was how .biz came into existence in 2001.

Outside being implemented to relieve the massive influx of demand for .com, .biz was also meant to be an alternative domain. If a business or commercial entity for instance, decides to choose a domain name in .com and finds out another party has already registered the domain name of choice, the business or commercial entity can simply switch to .biz to register the same domain name. 

.biz was implemented alongside an Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers (ICANN) approved batch of seven gTLDs in a bid to expand the Domain Name System, considering the increase in commercial activities and general use of the Internet towards the end of the last century. Other gTLDs implemented at the time are .info, .name, .musuem, .aero, .coop and .pro. 

Registering a .biz TLD

To register a .biz domain name, the Registry Operator to accept registration applications must ensure that all applicants meet the following requirements:

Compulsorily enter into a paper registration or electronic agreement with a Registrar who is fully accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers (ICANN). The agreement shall be based on the Corporation's Registration Accreditation Agreement as well as its Registry-Registrar Agreement. The electronic or paper agreement must reflect that the provided data in the registration application of the domain name is correct, true, complete and up to date. The registrant must also agree to keep the information provided constantly up to date.

The applicant of the domain name registration must to the best of knowledge, as part of the application, certify that the domain name to be registered will be put to use in a manner in line with ICANN's restrictions. The applicant must also be able to proof his authority to enter into such an agreement. The domain name to be registered must to a large extent be related to the business of the applicant or the commercial purpose of intent at the registration time.

If the requirements above are not met, the processing of any domain name application by any Registry Operator will not be successful

Restrictions on .biz Registration

ICANNlists the following restrictions on .biz registration:

All registrations on the .biz TLD are domain names used for commercial purposes or bona fide businesses, or intended to be used for such.

All registrations must be in compliance with ICANN's Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP). Initiated proceedings prior to the Commencement-of-Service date must comply with the Start-Up Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (SUDRP) a modification of the UDRP.

"Bona fide business or commercial use" shall mean bona fide use or intent to make use of the the domain name being registered and the materials to be placed on it, to allow users access to host computers in a bid to exchange goods, services or any kind of property; carry out ordinary trade or business; and facilitate exchange of goods, services, information or any kind of property.

Seeking registration for a domain name, or employing an already registered .biz domain name for the purpose of leasing, trading or reselling it for compensation shall not be constituted as "Bona fide business or commercial use". Using it for personal or non-commercial activities shall also not be constituted as "Bona fide business or commercial use".

A New Avenue

The implementation of .biz generic Top Level Domain has a created a new avenue for registrants of domain names across the World who want to create such on .com but are set back by the prior existence of similar names. With .biz, they can easily set up these domain names and push their businesses to a wider audience, hereby carving a niche for themselves in their industry. The World has gone global, and to succeed in whatever business you do, you have to join the global train.

So, do you have a business you would like to push to a wider audience? 

It begins with a .biz domain name.

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