Your Domain Name IS your Online Identity

8 Jun 2016 / Freeparking Team / Brand Awareness gTLDs New gTLDs .nz Domains Brand Marketing

Think your domain name is simply the address of your website? Think again. Your domain name is your business identity and could be the major factor between creating a web presence or getting lost amongst your competitors in cyberspace.

A custom domain name = brand recognition

When you initially started your business, chances are you would have spent a decent amount of time deciding on a business name.  It’s important as it represents your business, it’s philosophy and the services or product you sell.

Your domain name is just as significant.  It can help you connect with your customers and make your site memorable to online visitors, so that they will remember your site and return when they are searching for your particular product.

A custom domain name = brand credibility

Would you take a company seriously who had a website with .blogspot or .wix? While these free hosting sites can be great for individuals, they lack the professional impact brands need to build credibility. Your brand identity needs to inspire confidence and generate trust amongst your customers.

Today, the cost of a domain name is minimal (except some of the one or two word names like, which sold for $US35.6 million). Small businesses can usually afford to spend a portion of their marketing budget on a custom domain name.  If you don’t invest in a business domain name, why would a consumer want to invest in you? 

A custom domain name = custom emails

Let’s be honest, you’re not likely to hire an accountant with an @gmail email address or a buy an expensive product when the company has an @yahoo email.

Register a domain name and you’ll be entitled to a number of email addresses which highlight your business name.  Companies with personalised emails appear professional, trustworthy and established, which is what consumers want in a business.  It’s also a great way to promote your brand and create recognition, rather than having a run-of-the-mill email.

A custom domain name = brand marketing tool

The internet is a cluttered space of successful and failed businesses around the world.  Unless you’re active and working to build your online presence, you run the risk of getting lost amongst the crowd.  Google rewards those businesses who actively build their online identity.  Why does that matter? Google is the biggest search engine, so if you want to be found, it’s crucial you tick all their boxes. So own a custom domain and spend time incorporating the right keywords into your content, and you’re going to be easier to find by your targeted audience.

You can also utilise some of the new domain spaces (known as nTLDs) to market your product or service.  nTLDs have been released to accommodate for the growing number of users in the online web space, but it also gives new business the opportunity to create brand equity in a domain that represents their service.

For example, if you’re a store you may benefit from using the .store extension.  If your business offers services to families, perhaps a .family nTLD will help you build on your brand’s identity.

The importance of a domain name shouldn’t be overlooked.  In fact, a good custom domain name can be the key to creating a memorable identity, building your brand reputation and driving more traffic to your website.  All this equates to more consumers and hopefully more sales.

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