WordPress, Building Websites the Easy Way

6 Nov 2015 / Freeparking Team / Web Design Website Hosting

What was once a simple free personal publishing platform, has now become a state-of-the-art tool to easily create websites. Used by millions worldwide, WordPress has an expansive set of features designed to make creating websites and publishing so simple. With WordPress setting up a website is just a few clicks away.

The beauty of WordPress is:

  •  It’s free software
  •  It’s simple and quick to install
  •  There are 2,600+ themes ready to use
  •  It’s mobile-friendly
  •  It’s Google endorsed
  •  You can embed any type of media into posts - video, music or photos
  •  Publishing and editing posts is easy and quick
  •  There are thousands of plugins to customise and optimise your site
  •  There is plenty of support and online forums to help you

Creating a site with WordPress could not get any easier

Today, you no longer need to be an IT expert or spend a fortune onbuilding a website or blog. Simply install WordPress and start creating your site. All you need to run a WordPress site is a domain name, WordPress hostingand a little know-how.

Gone are the days you need to design your website from scratch. There are thousands ofthemesavailable for you to use straight away and plenty of them are free. This gives you the flexibility to customize your site as little, or as much as you need. Premium theme options are also available for a small fee and as you get more familiar and experienced, you can start customizing and designing your own templates.

Make your WordPress site professional

Many of you may not know that Time Magazine, CNN, Pepsi, Nikon and Google are just some of the top brands who power their website through WordPress. Why? Because they have utilized its robust features while still maintaining their brand look and using their own domain

Installing WordPress with an application installer like Installatron allows you not just one-click setup, but also the ability to update WordPress regularly with the latest security patches and features. It is important to ensure that WordPress is kept updated to avoid being the target of website hackers. Whether you are looking to create a blog to share your opinions, a portfolio to showcase your photographs, an online magazine which shares what’s going on or setting up an online store, WordPress has the tools.

Over the years it has become the most powerful and easiest way to create any type of website. You’ve got the idea, WordPress will help you execute it.

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