What not to do, when Writing Content for the Web

11 Feb 2016 / Freeparking Team / Web Design Customer Experience

No matter how amazing your site looks and functions, without qualitywebsitecontent you’ll put yourself at a disadvantage. Think of it like clothing. You may be very attractive, but it you dress in ill-fitting, dirty rags your professionalism plummets and you’re going to be attracting attention for all the wrong reasons.

Content is the key to convincing visitors to listen to you and come back to your website. The copy you publish will help you distinguish yourself from the pack. With so much content being generated daily, it’s essential you’re publishing well-written, original and creative website content.

When creating quality content don’t…

1. Don’t plagiarise

Copying content word for word is a big ‘no-no’ when it comes to producing web copy. It may be tempting because it saves time and effort, but not only are you ripping off someone else’s work you will also get penalised and probably removed from search engines.

2. Don’t be a show off

Displaying your language prowess may make you feel more intelligent, but it doesn’t usually attract any new visitors to your site. Keep your copy clean and understandable to your average reader. If you want to improve your readability, think about using tools likeHemmingwaywhen editing your content.

3. Don’t oversell your services or product

When producing website content, it’s important not to focus on hard hitting self-promotion. Your aim should be to provide your audience with high quality, informative content that is relevant to your customers. Don’t bombard your readers with promotional driven content that is all about the sell.

4. Don’t forget your audience

You might be an expert in your field, but keep in mind your target audience will, more often than not, be far less informed. Focus on topics that share your expertise with your readers and write the copy in a way that resonates with them on their level.

5. Don’t blab

Too often businesses are focused on the number of words a written piece must be for SEO purposes, and in many cases, they are writing too much. Remember, more than 50 percent of visitors to your site spend on average less than 15 seconds actively reading a page. That’s a short amount of time to grab someone’s attention, so don’t bore them with lengthy content.

6. Don’t publish spelling and grammatical errors

Sounds obvious, but there are so many websites that display spelling and grammatical errors. The best way to keep your website error free is to have a ‘second pair of eyes’ editing your copy prior to publishing. If you are responsible for writing and editing the copy, come back the next day to edit so that you are looking at it with fresh eyes.

7. Don’t be too formal

Publishing boring, formal web copy won’t result in any reader engagement. Try and produce something exciting to read, have a little fun and steer clear of the lecturing tone. You’re not going to get noticed with dry, content that no one really wants to waste their time reading!

If you’re finding yourself doing several of these ‘do nots’, then perhaps it’s time to invest in a content writer to help you optimise your website and more importantly, help you give your audience something valuable to read and share.

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