Updated SEO checklist for 2019

19 Mar 2019 / Freeparking Team

The search engine optimisation techniques you used in 2018 may not work in 2019. SEO is a broad field that changes constantly and the only way to stay ahead of the curve is to pay attention to these changes.

Here is a short checklist for search optimisation in 2019.

Do on-page SEO correctly

On-page SEO is one of the most important aspects of your SEO, and it is vital to get it right from the beginning. When doing on-page SEO for your website

         Do keyword research

         Have a focus keyword

         Include your focus keyword, topic or product in your title tag, image alt text, and URL

         Optimise your Metadata and keep within the accepted limits

         Have a healthy link structure–inbound and outbound

Use long tail keywords

Maybe simple keywords worked for you in 2018, but this year the bulk of organic traffic will be from long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are more specific than simple keywords; they also cover the words search users use when making specific search queries. Long tail keywords make up about 70% of all search queries on the internet. Incorporate long tail keywords into your content to have your share of traffic.

Update your sitemap

Sitemaps perform an essential function on your website. HTML sitemaps help human users navigate and understand your site better, XML websites make it easier for search engines to find and index your website. Updating your sitemap would be advantageous both to your SEO efforts and to visitors who land on your website via non organic traffic.

Update your XML sitemap using the following steps:

         Generate an XML sitemap of your website using a sitemap generator.

         Use the Google console sitemap tester to check that your sitemap is correct.

         Submit your updated sitemap to Google search console.

Improve the user experience

Make sure your site meets your users’ expectations. Website users expect a fast loading website, high security, easy navigation, clear message, and functioning contact information.

There is ample information on the internet on how to improve the user experience of your website but one thing is certain, improved UX will do a lot for your SEO.

Measure, monitor and improve

Measuring the performance of your website is critical to its success. You can tell the SEO techniques that work perfectly, those that need improvement and those you should drop.

In 2019, make sure you have an effective analytic system in place so you can gain valuable insight that would help you make great business decisions.  


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