Tips to Convert Website Visitors into Paying Customers

28 Apr 2016 / Freeparking Team / CRO Conversion Rate Optimisation Website Conversion Customer Experience

Attracting a high number of unique visitors to your website is one thing, but enticing them to open their wallets and purchase your product or services is a whole other ball game. If you’re getting the traffic to your website, now’s the time to convert these visitors into paying customers.

Here’s some tips to get you started:

1. Make purchasing as easy as possible

You’d be surprised at how many sites make it too difficult for customers to purchase their products. Design and structure your website so that it is easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for. Ensure you have a strong call to action that demands your visitors’ attention. Direct them to your landing page, and throughout your website to encourage them to complete the action - be it calling you, subscribing or making a purchase.

Limit the amount of products on your website so as not to overwhelm your customer. If you have a product that comes in various sizes, allow that to be an option when purchasing it rather than creating an individual product for each one. Same goes for when you have an item in different colours or a particular service with various options. Keep your online shop clean and simple.

When it comes to checking out, ensure that purchasing is simple and efficient. Offer as many payment options as you can to extend your reach; not everyone wants to use PayPal. Your forms should ask for just enough information to get the product sold and delivered to your customer, so that they don’t have to labour over filling in unnecessary fields. These efforts will ensure your customer doesn’t abandon their cart before they’ve purchased.

2. Present your product well

A small picture of your product with a description may simply not be enough to reel them in. If you’re selling a product on your website, ensure you’re presenting it in the best way. Think about creating a short video that illustrates how you use the product and have great photos of ordinary people using it. Steer clear of generic stock imagery that doesn’t reflect the personality of your brand.

If you’re selling a service, offer a trial for 7, 14 or even 30 days so that your customers can trial before deciding whether to purchase it. Clearly listing the benefits and features of purchasing your product or services may seem obvious, but can often be overlooked. You can simply do this in bullet form so that it is easy to read. Explain the features and benefits clearly and concise.

Don’t forget customer reviews. These are extremely influential in the decision making process and often help convert from prospectors to purchasers. Over 80% of people say their buying decisions are influenced by negative and positive reviews.

3. Create an offer

Consumers love to think they’ve snapped up a bargain and they’re also prone to brag about it! By creating an enticing offer, you can be confident you’ll be able to convert some of your visitors into customers, and often this will have a flow on effect to others in their network.

Offer a discount to customers on their first purchase or when they subscribe to your database, like free shipping or 15% off. Remember holidays, give incentives to return customers or run competitions on your social media platforms.

If you’re launching a new product, create a prelaunch offer, like ‘sign up and share to receive a free gift’. This will help drive more traffic, generate interest and ultimately sales once your product has launched.

Offers are a great way to spark people’s interest as well as increase customer loyalty, and can be one of the most powerful weapons you can use to convert a prospector into a paying customer.

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