The Next Step After Choosing a Domain Name

You’ve registered a domain, what can you use it for?

6 Oct 2017 / Aliesha Ellington

After creating a perfectly fitting domain name for your brand/business, then choosing the right extension for it, such as, .biz or .org, the next step is deciding what you will do with your domain. It’s likely that you already have an idea in mind, but here are a few options to consider.

  • Attaching a website to your domain
  • Creating an online store
  • Using the domain to create custom email addresses
  • Selling your domain

If you haven’t yet registered your domain you can do sohere.

Using your Domain for a Website

This is the most obvious and common use for a domain, and probably what you had in mind. Attaching a website to your domain can be very beneficial for your company, being easily searchable and contactable online, sharing information, and linking to social media accounts. It is easy to understand the reasons and gains from having a website, however not as simple to move from concept to creation.  

You have three options:

  1. Create it yourself using a template based site builder. Design experience is not necessary for this type of site, you simply customize and fill in a template to suit your brand and then publish it. Here is the top ten list of website building companies.
  2. Create it yourself using a Content Management System (CMS).If you have some web design skills and knowledge yourself you can build a website using a CMS like Wordpress, you will have some support but a lot of time and work will be required to perfect your site. This method will enable you to fully customize your site, exactly the way that you envisaged, and is one of the less expensive options.
  3. Hire an experienced web designer.This is the most expensive option. However, it requires very little of your time, and you may prefer to work on the more important aspects of establishing the business. You will generally be asked to supply the content (text and images) and share your general vision for the site, but the designer will put it all together for you. This will leave you with a visually appealing and highly functional site, with quality guaranteed, and within a very reasonable time frame. If you do choose to use a designed, interview them first, gather a few quotes, and ensure that you choose a reputable designer who has completed similar projects, and has good references and examples of their work.

Creating an Online Store

You may choose to use your domain for eCommerce. To sell products, accept payments, track orders, and manage inventory, together in one convenient place.

When creating an online store you also have the options of ‘do it yourself’ or ‘hire a professional’.

If you prefer to design and set up the store yourself you can use a simpleonline eCommerce builder such as Shopify, which is template based. Or a complex but a lot more customisable option like an eCommerce plugin for Wordpress, WooCommerce is a good one.

Being a professional, you know that public perception is very important. Using an old personal one like Hotmail or Gmail doesn’t project the best image.

Having a business email address assures customers that you are well established, builds trust, and provides a positive perception. For example, a customer may be searching online for a plumber and see that there are two companies nearby, Dave’s Plumbing and Plumbing World. The email addresses listed in contact details aredave_1987@hotmail.comand, they are more likely to choose the second one.

You can then use your email address proudly on business cards, ads, and signage. It can also allow you to create shorter, more memorable email addresses such

For a tutorial on how to use your domain to create an email account see

Selling your Domain

While you probably initially had grand plans for your domain, sometimes life gets the best of you and things get forgotten and put off, and don’t always eventuate as we had planned.

If you are not currently using your domain you could consider selling it. You can go toNameBioand find the approximate worth of your domain through their search tool. Then list it on an aftermarket auction site. You can also privately approach a company who may be interested, such as a competitor in the same industry, or someone with a very similarly named domain, and negotiate a sale.

Some domains can sell for ridiculously high prices if the right people are interested. Take a look at this article of theTop 20 Highest Priced Domains.

You can also make significantly higher profit from selling a domain with an existing, well established business on it, for someone else to take over, or the competition to buy out.  

Whatever you decide to do with your domain, they are always a worthwhile investment, and will be beneficial to your business in multiple ways.


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