The 20 Most Expensive Domains Ever Sold

6 Oct 2017 / Aliesha Ellington

The highest priced domain ever sold has been revealed at $872 million US dollars, This was discovered through the SEC Filing by their parent company Gannet Co Inc.

The most expensive domain names are often not publicly recorded. Negotiations on higher value domain names are generally carried out privately, or through auction sites.   

2017 Publicly Recorded Top 20 List:




Sale Date

$35.6 million


$35 million


$30.18 million


$18 million


$17 million


$16 million


$13 million


$12.8 million


$11 million


$9.5 million




$8.5 million


$7.5 million


$7.5 million


$7 million


$6.8 million


$6 million


$5.88 million


$5.5 million


$5.5 million


 *All prices are in US dollars. Information courtesy ofWikipedia, last edited on 03 August 2017.

Why Pay That Much Money?

The reasons for buying an existing domain can vary, from buying out the competition and protecting your brand, to investing in a new business or taking over a well-established one.

More often the sale is purely for the domain name, then a company will add their own website and build their own business with that domain. But sometimes a company or individual will purchase a domain with the associated website and business attached, and continue to run that business. A couple of examples of this are TradeMe and LasVegas. (online auction site) was sold for $750 million NZD, the owner Sam Morgan became one of the richest people in the country basically overnight. That was a domain, encompassing a very successful online business, which has now become even more profitable for the new owners. was bought for $90 million USD, by, as they were their greatest competitor. They now run both sites as two separate businesses, leaving the first basically as it was when they bought it, but making significant profit from both.

Wondering What Yours is Worth?

You are able to get a fairly good idea of the worth of your domain using the search feature inNameBio. The site searches the sale price of recently sold domains similar to yours, to give you an understanding of what yours could be worth in the current market.

Buying a new domain name is often one of the smallest expenses for a business. Domain names on Freeparking range on average from $25-$79+GST per year, with $39 being the most common price paid. You can browse our pricing page here.

Buying an existing domain name is a different matter, and significantly more expensive.


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