Social Media is about more than just a 'Like'

3 Feb 2016 / Freeparking Team / Brand Marketing Social Media

For many businesses, social media is still considered a numbers game. If you get more 'likes', you'll get more business, right?


Sure your business might be popular on the surface, but how many of those followers are visiting your page and engaging with you?

Social media marketing for business can have enormous potential, but many don’t understand how to harness their popularity to increase their profits and generate brand awareness.

Increasing brand awareness

Social media is the ideal tool for many businesses to introduce your brand to a huge audience. No longer do you need a huge marketing and advertising budget to become visible and more recognisable to customers.

If you utilise several social media platforms to inform your network of your brand, product and services people will become more aware of your business.

Improve your brand’s loyalty

Regardless of the number of ‘likes’ you have, if no one is talking about you on social media then you are probably one of the many pages someone clicked ‘like to win’ or followed in order to receive a discount rather than because they actually want to support you.

You want people talking about your brand and your product or service (hopefully in a good way).

The more you get people talking, the more interest you’ll generate and the greater loyalty you’ll receive from your customers. If you enlist a major influencer to talk about your business, you will get a bigger interaction almost instantaneously which will increase your brand’s online authority.

Improve your customer service

We all know,customer servicecan be the defining factor in whether a customer will use your business again or not. Being able to quickly and easily respond to any queries, comments or concerns about your product or services is one of social media’s main benefits.

If one person asks for help, chances are there are many others out there who need it too. Answering your customer quickly and publically so everyone can see will enable you to illustrate your business’s level of care and your transparency.

As customers comment and discuss your business online, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights into your customer’s behaviour and what they’re interested in.

Quality content leads to increased traffic

Promoting quality content across a few social media platforms is a great way of leading a captivated audience to your site. The more quality, shareable content you produce, regardless of how many ‘likes’ you have will increase more traffic.

The more traffic you have going to yoursite; the more chance you have of converting them into customers.

You may have a lot of fans following your page, but unless they are engaging with you through sharing, commenting or clicking on your links, chances are your business has been lost within their feed.

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