Process of starting an online business

6 May 2015 / Freeparking Team

Starting your own online business in this age is much easy than ever because everything you need and all the information can be found online easily.

Don’t procrastinate, just do it

Once you have finalised the business plan or service and it’s niche that you would like to market, it’s time to move forward. You’ll probably find that you already have competitors in the same space, so the question is, how do we stand out from the crowd? What makes us different?

Invest in your online tools

First checkpoint: get your branddomain name. In any online or offline business these days, this is the first and most crucial step in the initial stages. Carefully select your domain name as your domain name acts as your address online, kind of like the neon sign to your business.

Next up, set up your web hosting plan to kick start yourwebsite and email. Some packages bundle email and website within their hosting plans You might also want to consider setting up your mobile websiteat this point of time as well, given Google’s recent update to prioritise mobile-friendly sites.


Hang on, you are almost there

Next step is building your ecommerce website to take your product to the marketplace , build something that is easily managed, easy for your users to navigate, and most importantly, build something that is visually appealing and enticing.


Filling the site with engaging, information rich content is the key to any successful start up, content will help drive your value proposition, whilst also helping to differentiate your business from the competition. Content also plays a key with SEO, we’re now seeing more than ever that Google is valuing unique content, and regular addition of content, plays a huge part in how Google perceives your site, remember, CONTENT IS KING.


The above helps build the foundation to a successful online start up, there is obviously a lot more that can be done initially, but we’ve listed the most important pillars of a foundation to help you build a successful brand online.

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