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24 Oct 2014 / Freeparking Team / Web Design Website Hosting

With Installatron, you can installweb applications like WordPress, phpList, LimeSurvey, and much more with just one click. You don't have to worry about spelunking your way through configuration files or reading technical documentation... you can set up a blog, a forum, a mailing list, a photo gallery, or any number of other things within minutes.

How Does Installatron Work?
To install a web application using Installatron, you just log into your control panel, navigate to the Installatron section, and choose the application you want to install. There are seven different sections of apps to choose from: community building, content management, e-Commerce and business, photos and files, surveys and statistics, and miscellaneous.

Community Building - These apps let you host a mailing list, start a forum or bulletin board, set up a guestbook, and similar.

Content Management - Content management apps let you easily manage dynamic content for your website. All of these apps can manage news sites and blogs, and let you easily control the style and appearance of your page.

e-Commerce and Business - In this category you'll find e-commerce systems (such as shopping carts) which help you manage your sales website, Customer Relationship Manager tools, project managers, and customer support systems, as well as invoicing and support tools.

Photos and Files - Photos and Files apps let you create image galleries and manage or host your files.

Surveys and Statistics - This category makes it easy to analyze and monitor your website traffic, as well as survey apps which let you find out what website visitors think.

Miscellaneous - These apps are everything else -- from clocks to contact forms, URL shorteners, e-cards, and more.

That's not all, of course. Installatron also allows you to automatically backup your installed applications in a variety of ways, so you never have to worry about losing your blog if something happens. You'll always have a copy safely stored somewhere.

As you can see, Installatron provides the simplest way to install and manage top web applications. Look no further than Freeparking for all your web hosting related needs and get going in minutes.

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