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Below are a range of tips that will help you out with using Freeparking services - they deal with common questions and issues our Support team are asked about...

Your Account

Need some support for your account or service? In a hurry?Log in to your accounton the Freeparking website and from the footer menu select ‘Help’, then go to 'Support Enquiries'. An enquiry from here lets us know what account you have and that you have authority to make changes to the services in that account. This speeds up the processing of your request and is especially useful if you are having trouble with your email.

Email Catch-All

The catch-all is a special email alias that you can add to your account that accepts all email to your domain that is not already specified as an existing mailbox or alias. By nature, it can bring in a lot more spam, so removing this and adding a few specific aliases can cut down on your spam substantially.  However, it can be very handy for capturing important emails if you have a long or complex email address that is often misspelled.

Mailbox Quota Exceeded

You can have as many or as few emails stored on your computer as you like, that is your storage space, but if the server mailbox becomes full then no more emails can be received. You can set if your emails are left on the server and for how long from within your email client programme. Not storing mail on the server at all or reducing the length of time mail is kept on the server will help to avoid your mailbox becoming full.

Email Aliases

Email aliases are often overlooked. Do you have a long email address? A handful of nicknames? Want to change your email address each week without all the hassle? Aliases are just email pointers and can be tagged on to any account through your email control panel. Add a few aliases and point them to your mailbox e.g. add aliases and to point to the Now you can receive all 3 of those addresses. You still send out from the same address you always did (and the aliases must end in your domain name as always) but it will send all the aliases to your existing mailbox.

Outgoing Mail Server

Sending email out using your ISP's mail server is fine, but will not work if you do not use an Internet connection provided by that ISP. This can be a problem if you have a laptop or device that you use when on the go, you can send email from some locations and not others. If you use our mail server ( for sending, it will work anywhere.

Bulk Email Sending

If you are emailing in bulk there are sometimes restrictions, not to mention it becoming quite a task as your recipient list grows. A good free programme that can help on all fronts is called 'PHPList'. It will help you manage the whole task and allow you to schedule, throttle and limit your email campaigns as necessary. Check out their website:

Outgrown Shared Hosting?

Most hosting plans are Shared Hosting accounts. These accounts are the most common and come in a range of sizes offering different disk space or traffic allowances for example.  However, there are also Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers (DED) for those websites which need more.  These hosting options are more expensive and some know-how is required by you or your IT technician, but they are great for sites lacking performance, expecting high load or traffic, or generally in need of dedicated system resources.

Adding Videos to your Site

Do you have a lot of videos or find getting them to play on your site is a problem? Here's an idea: Create yourself a private YouTube account and upload them all there. You can then use the YouTube embed code to put them on your website pages. Easy video management through YouTube, easy to add to website pages, and as an added bonus, the video technically runs via YouTube so does not count against your disk space or monthly traffic quota on your account.

Linux vs Windows Hosting

Confused about Windows hosting vs. Linux hosting? A general rule of thumb is: unless you know you need Windows hosting (or your web developer tells you) then go for Linux. Windows hosting is required for sites coded in .ASP or using Microsoft SQL databases for example.

Uploading Website Files

Uploading files to your hosting account typically requires an FTP application. A good free one if you need it is called 'Filezilla'. This is a great, stable FTP program that has been proven to navigate connection issues that others slip up on. Check out their website:

CreateASite Embed Widget

The CreateASite website creator has an 'Embed' Widget that allows you to drop in custom code. As an example; this is most commonly used for the embed code generated from YouTube, so you can place your YouTube clips onto your website pages.  Note that the Embed widget is available on the StarterPlus and above plans only.

CreateASite Templates

In CreateASite, you can change the category your site is in to see a different selection of templates and images in the gallery.  This can be done from the Settings tab, then General and Website Category.  Many people use templates and images from sections not directly related to the topic of their site.

CreateASite Sidebar Content

The CreateASite sidebar panels have two different icons.  One means that any content placed on that panel only shows up on that particular page, the other indicates that content placed on it will appear on all website pages.

Getting Listed in Google

Like other search engines, Google is essentially a big database you can search to find the domain name or website you are looking for. If your website isn't showing up in a Google search then they may not have your site listed, in which case you need to let them know your site exists. Virtually all search engines have a way for you to do this through their website.  To submit your site to Google,go here.

Need a Shorter Domain Name?

Do you have a long domain name? Would you like to have a shorter, easier to remember name but don’t want to lose your existing one? You can! Purchase the domain name you want to use and we can point that to your existing site so BOTH names work (this can also work for email,contact usfor details).

Free Single Page Site

With our domain names, you get the free single page site feature. This has limited functionality, but does allow you to put some text and a few pictures up on the site. This is often good for domains that are generally used for email, or perhaps for an ‘under construction’ page. If you want something that looks like a custom design you could always make a nice full screen image and put that on the page.

Free Email Forwarding

With our domain names, you get the free single email forwarding feature. This will allow you to choose one address at your domain, and forward this on to another existing email account (like Hotmail or Gmail for example). This is a cheap and easy way to receive email from your new domain. Of course, if you want to be able to send out from addresses at your domain name you would need to purchase an email plan.

Changing DNS Servers

Nameservers hold the DNS records for your domain. If you are planning on changing your domain’s nameservers then make sure you have everything set up in advance so that you can avoid downtime for the duration of the change. Nameservers can take up to forty eight hours to change over.

Website Design Tips

Don't use too many fonts. One for headings and one for text is fine. If you want to use a third, then use it sparingly. More than two or three tend to make the page look messy.

Animated gifs from stock libraries or gif websites can easily make a page look cluttered or dated. Try to be ruthless when deciding on animated graphics, often less is more.

Too many colours can make a page look like a scary rainbow, while too few can look bland. Designers study colour to make sharp looking websites and you can too! You could try using 'complementary colours' or perhaps a primary and two secondary colours. Try to create a pallet or colour theme for your site and keep it consistent.

Check a Website is Secure

How do you know if a website is secure for making a payment? A good indication of a secure website is a page with an "https" prefix and a closed padlock symbol showing in your browser - often next to the site URL address or in one of the corners.


Backup. You should always backup. Backup your site data, backup your database, backup your emails, backup everything. You should never rely on anyone else for backups, if other people have them then that is a bonus, but you should always have your own. It's one of those things that never matters until something goes horribly wrong, and then it's too late. Don’t leave it until then.


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