Forwarding Domains to your Primary Website

A practical ‘How’ and ‘Why’ guide

6 Oct 2017 / Aliesha Ellington

There are many benefits to owning additional domain names for your company or personal website. Regardless of your site type, having extra domains protects your brand from copycats, fraud, and similar businesses. Most importantly it drives more potential customers to your website.

Once you have extra domain names you need them to do their job and bring more people to your main page. Just buying them isn’t enough, it’s just the first step.

Domain Forwarding: What is it?

To explain the concept I will use the example of John Dough’s bakery. The main website for the bakery is, John runs a bakery business so he has also registered, his bakery is based in New Zealand so he owns and as well.

When a potential bread buyer types or they will be automatically redirected to the main site.

It’s not hard to do, probably easier than baking bread from scratch, and faster too.

To set up or manage URL redirection from your domain name in Freeparking you can read our easy to follow knowledge base articlehere.

You also have the choice of Forwarding with Masking. Where the viewer is still forwarded to your main domain, but the address bar at the top of the page doesn’t change. They will really be looking at, but the top bar will still say This can be particularly useful if you have domain names that are shorter or more memorable to redirect from. Masking can be done in most cases, but isn’t compatible with some sites with SSL certificates.

Forwarding Multiple Domains: A case study

I have a friend who is a fairly well known dentist. However, she has changed her work place multiple times over her career. People often wait years before needing to see a dentist again, and may remember the name of the dentist but not the company, or want to find the same one as they received really great service from them last time. So what she has done, is create a domain with her name on, so it’s easy to find, and then she forwards clients from there to the page of whichever dental practice she is currently working at.

Sometimes with companies such as real estate offices, people remember the agent’s name rather than the companies name. So it can be helpful in cases like that, making it easy for clients to find, if each real estate agent has their own domain name, which is forwarded to the main company page.

It is also beneficial to have domain names that are short and memorable. You can read more about creating effective domain nameshere. (Link to first article I did) For example if your company is called Hibiscus Coast Warrant of Fitness Centre and Panel and Paint Services, you might purchase that name .com as your main site, so people can find it by name. But you would also purchase as a short memorable site, and then forward to your main site from there. You could then put that shorter, easy to remember domain on your business cards and signage.

Buying Typos and Spelling Mistakes

Don’t forget to buy slightly mis-spelt versions of your domain too. Especially if it has uncommon spelling in the first place, or is a long name that typed quickly could easily be mistyped. Let’s re-visit John Dough’s bakery. Some people may write Jon or do or doh, or typo it as johndohg etc. This would lead to not finding the page at all. If your extra domain leads to even one new customer a year it’s worth having. Imagine if you had ten domains, forwarding 10 people per week to your main site, the domains would more than pay for themselves.

Start searching domains now:

You can use our simple search toolhere to check what similar domains are available right now for your website. 


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