.COM or .CO.NZ Domain Extension…?

19 Mar 2019 / Freeparking Team

Picking a domain extension can be difficult if you don’t understand the differences between the possible domain extensions and when to go for one. Choosing a generic TLD like the domainname.com format or a local TLD like domainname.co.nz is an important decision you need to take seriously. It has a significant influence on the future performance of your website.

When picking a  top-level domain(TLD) name, many extension options are available. While pricing is a factor you should consider if you are working on a limited budget, also consider the benefits each extension will give your business. Google in a report announced that extensions do not influence website ranking. Experts, however, will tell you that there are certain pros and cons that come with each extension.

If you are having a hard time choosing between the .com and the .co.nz extension, here are the factors you should consider…

Is your business an international or local one?

For an international business, a generic top-level domain (gTLD) is better than a local one (ccTLD). Besides limiting your coverage, users are likely to assume your services are only for the country specified if you are using a country-specific extension. If your business is local, you will get better engagements if you use a ccTLD.

Do you intend to cover other locations in the future?

Most international businesses with a local ccTLD started off as a local business without plans of expanding to other locations. With time they see themselves servicing other locations. As is mostly the case, the generic TLD with the same domain name is already taken and they have to stick to the local ccTLD. It may not make much difference to you, but your coverage is limited to the country in the extension and search users will believe you only operate in that area. If you intend to expand in the future, go for a generic extension.

Is your business in a sensitive niche that requires a higher level of trust?

Most users trust websites with a .com extension. Besides that, most users find it hard to trust websites from a particular country. About 50% of websites in use today make use of the .com extension too. If you are in a niche that requires a higher level of trust, it’s best to go for a generic TLD to gain search users’ trust.

Do you want Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engines are more likely to trust generic TLDs than local ccTLDs. Websites with a .com extension rank better on google.com than websites with a country-specific extension. Local ccTLDs, however, are great for localised searches. If you want to rank higher for international searches, go for a generic extension.


Your domain extension has a huge influence on the performance of your website. Consider every factor carefully before making your choice.


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