Choosing High Impact, Memorable Blog and Domain Names

A Step by Step Guide

6 Oct 2017 / Aliesha Ellington

Like our names, movie titles, and product names, blog and domain names need to draw the reader in, capture their imagination and stand out from the crowd.

In a room full of John’s and Sarah’s, be that random kid called Peaches. You’ll be the one they remember at the end of the day. Originality and memorability make a huge difference.

If ‘Avatar’ was called ‘The Giant Blue Aliens Who Love Trees’, less people would have watched it, or been inclined to play the trailer.

An awesome blog name, makes an awesome domain name too.

While contemplating your blog name, also hold in the back of your mind whether it would be suitable as a domain name as well.

Your blog name is a high impact advertisement, whether it’s informative or imaginative, it needs to draw people in quickly with just a word or two.

We all know how important first impressions are, and your blog name is exactly that. This is your readers first glimpse into the world of your blog, and significantly impacts whether they read further than the title.

Blog names can fall into two categories

  1. The name accurately describes the blog’s contents, focus or purpose. Such as BizNews, MenuMania and Trivago. So the reader knows straight away what they’re about to read, and can find what they are looking for easily.
  2. The second is a thought provoking name. One that captures your imagination, and makes you curious as to what you will find when you open the page. Sites such as Twitter,  Yellow and Slingshot use this strategy.

In both cases, they share some important similarities. The names draw you in, they’re short, they’re catchy and they’re memorable.

How to choose the right name

When you launch your blog, the first thing you need is a name that is easily recognisable, shows your style, and the brand image you want to portray.

The first decision is whether you will choose a descriptive or a thought provoking name. One that clearly explains what your blog is about, or one that sparks curiosity and interest.

Step 1: Brainstorming your blog name

Here’s where you go back to primary school English class and consider the five W’s.

  • Who are you as a company/blogger?
  • What is your blog about?
  • When will people read it (before work, weekend), is it offering fast solutions or answers?
  • Where are you located, is it city specific, what is your target audience?
  • Why are you writing the blog? What is the purpose?

Once you have a page full of words in front of you, it’s time to find anonline thesaurus, or a good old paper version, and find some synonyms and antonyms that really draw the eye and peak interest, and also sound right when talking about your company or you as a person.

So now you have a long list of words, and you can start the process of elimination to find the ones that really resonate with you.

Read them out loud, cross of any that don’t sit right with you, or the company vibe, or are simply too long.

Once you have it down to about 10-20 words you can start splitting and splicing. Joining words together, making catch phrases, and creating new words.

The aim is to get it down to three or four final names or phrases, which you can then get a second opinion on. Ask your friends, colleagues, and business mentors for their thoughts.

Gaining an understanding of what meaning and feelings others take from the name is important, as they may not be the same as yours. Even if you have to re-start the ideas process a couple of times (from your 10-20 word list, or even earlier) that’s ok. The feedback will ensure that you end up with a name that everyone likes and understands.

Step 2: Finding the perfect domain name

It is always preferable for the domain name to match the blog name. If you have an original, unique name, like one you created by joining words, you are more likely to find the same domain name available.

First search foravailable domainson Freeparking, to see if the same name is there, if so, that’s great, you’re ready to go.

If not, you can try slight variations of it, Freeparking will show you a list of possible extensions and slightly different names that are available under your search. If it is a personal blog you can try the extension .me, you can also try extensions like, .nz and .kiwi instead of .com, there are often a few different country specific extensions to choose from. You could also try something as simple as adding a full stop in between words.

If you are still unable to find the same domain name, or a slight variation of it. You can consider choosing a complementary name that works with your blog name. You could also use a creative name as your domain name like Zing or Red Door, and then have your blog name be something more descriptive like Paint like Pro’s.

But if at all possible, it is always best to keep the blog name and domain name the same.

It is also beneficial to register more than one domain, for example, and, to protect and promote your blog.  Readers can still be re-directed to the main one.

A combination of the perfect blog name, and interesting domain will be sure to set you up for success. It is arguably one of the most important brand marketing decisions you can make when promoting your blog.

So make it cool, make it curious, and make it count. 


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