Cheap and Easy Ways to Build a Web Presence

16 May 2016 / Freeparking Team / Website Builder Web Design WordPress

Today it’s easier than ever before to build a web presence, yet still many businesses are struggling to create a website which looks great and functions well. Even though 97% of kiwi’s use the Internet to search and shop, according to NZRS Ltd an incredible 60% of New Zealand businesses are yet to establish a web presence.

There are several options to create a website that is aesthetically pleasing and is easy to use, which won’t break the bank or require an IT specialist. So there’s really no excuse to have an out of date website or no website at all!

Let’s look at a few options to help your business join the 21st century and build a web presence:

1. CMS platforms

A CMS or Content Management System allows you to create, control and manage your entire website content, without the need of a web designer. The most popular CMS platform is WordPress, followed by Joomla and Drupal.

Using the basic version of the CMS is free, with many templates to choose from, however they have their limitations. If you want to build a web presence that is completely personal or add particular functions unique to your business, you may have to purchase themes or plugins (extras).

These extras are in addition to your web hosting and domain name costs and can add up if you’re desiring a professional and personal website. A premium theme for example can cost up to $200 and some Plugins used to add functionality, such as marketing and ecommerce, are subscription based. While for many, this is still cheaper than creating a website from scratch, it can become pricey and time consuming in the long run.

2. HTML website templates

HTML websites have gained popularity due to their affordability as there are ample templates which are free. There are particularly suitable for simple portfolio websites that mainly display images along with some text. HTML websites look good on mobile devices and load quickly keeping the visitors to your site happy.

It may be cheap, but there is a catch. They do require some knowledge and experience of HTML and CSS to really personalise the website. Otherwise the templates can be quite limiting and restrict your functionality.

3. Website Wizard

If you’re looking for the easiest way to build a website presence, it’s hard to go past site builders. With our CreateASite package you don’t need technical or design skills, or even a big budget to create a professional looking website.

With a few clicks of a button you can select a template, change the colour, alter fonts, and add images and functions to your site. As it uses proprietary technology to build the website, the only downside to using a site builder is that you can’t regularly switch between hosts, as they won’t be using the same software.

By creating a website with a CreateASite, the cost of your domain is free! You simply choose a monthly plan suitable for your business website needs and you can have your site up and running instantly. And one that looks good on all devices, has ample functions and won’t cost a fortune.

You no longer need to engage a website designer, have IT knowledge or a big budget to build a web presence. Time to get online and capture the attention of your desired online audience today!

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