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26 Mar 2015 / Freeparking Team / New gTLDs New Domain Extensions .nz Domains Brand Marketing





You may not have realised how important your domain name is to your business, and the impact and risk on your business should you not choose to register all available extensions. In this post, we shine some light and ways on how you can protect your asset and open doors for your business online.

Firstly, congratulations for registering your branded domain, as you have opened up your first door to the internet. However, you might have realised the shorter .NZ domain name pre-registration window is coming to an end, and other new domains like, and many other unique extensionsthat are closely aligned or even exact matches of your domain that are available for potetntial competitors to register. The risk is real, and here, we tell you why.

Your other domain name in another extension has been registered and exploited.
This poses a serious threat to your business, other businesses or cyber squatters leveraging off your brand. A Counterfeit website puts your brand at risk with false information that has the potential to damage or in some cases destroy your online identity and credibility. A brand that has taken an endless amount of time and money to build could potentially be ruined through negligence.

Cybersquatting risk
Individuals who registers domain with the interest and intention to sell off at a huge profit are called cybersquatters. They have numerous domain names under their possession and more often than not, squatting on other brands identities. Since 2000, numerous cases have been fought by companies all over the world trying to win an extension of their domain which at the time, did not seem important to them… Don’t make that same mistake! Start searching for extensions of your business domainsnow, it’s a small price to pay for what may cause bigger issues in the future.

Your domain name is your physical address online, more so your home online, it is the big neon sign on the WWW that draws potential users through with the ultimate aim of converting them into customers. Now is the time, start protecting your brand, search online for other domain name extensions and protect your online identity.

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