Assessing Your Hosting Requirements

12 Nov 2015 / Freeparking Team / Website Hosting Shared Hosting VPS Server

So you have your domain, now you need to choose a web hosting plan. Securing space to host your website is like renting a piece of ‘web’ real estate. Your domain is the address which directs people to the space where your website sits. If you want to run a website, you need web hosting!

Before you go out and purchase a hosting package with the first provider you see, you should consider how many visitors you’re expecting to come to your website, the size of the site itself and any particular functions you need.

The amount of space you need

The amount of space you require is dependent on the type of website you operate. A simple blog with mostly text content won’t require a great deal of space, however an online shop or a site which stores a lot of files for users to download may require extra space. Basic plans can start from as little as 100MB of web storage, ideal for individuals and small businesses, to unlimited, which are perfect for larger websites.

The number of email addresses

Web hosting providers will give you a certain number of email boxes with different hosting plans. Some companies will offer between 1 and 10 email boxes, whereas others will permit you to have an unlimited amount. Generally speaking, each email box can accept email for a number of different email addresses.

When first setting up your website, you may think you only need one or two email addresses, but it is important to think about the future of your site. Ask yourself, is this a business which is likely to grow?

The amount of sites you can host

A basic web hosting package tends to offer only one domain to be hosted under the individual plan. More premium packages will give you the option to add additional sites under the one contract. This means if you decide to expand your empire and run other websites you don’t need to take out another web hosting service and instead keep them bundled together.

The volume of traffic

Volume of traffic refers to the number of site visitors that can be supported by your web host at any one time. If your site is large or receives a lot of visitors at once, you are more likely to require a higher bandwidth allowance than someone with a personal site that has fewer visitors. An entry level web hosting package may provide you with 2GB of web traffic, whilst a premium plan may accommodate an unlimited amount.

The available technical support

Choosing a reliable web hosting provider who can provide the right level of technical support is essential for any website owner, especially businesses. The last thing you want is your site to go down during a busy trading period only to find there is no support to help get it back up and running. Be aware of the location of your provider and if they are not New Zealand based check that you can get support during NZ business hours, not just during business hours in a different time zone.

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