Are Hashtags the New Domains?

14 Oct 2015 / Freeparking Team / New gTLDs Social Media

Dodomain nameshold the same importance that they did say, ten years ago, or has the hashtag become a replacement for what was once the backbone of the internet? First let’s take a look at what exactly a hashtag does and then we will see how this is a compliment to, rather than a competitor, of full scale websites.

The hashtag is a social filter, meaning that one hashtag can be attached to millions of tweets/instagrams and so forth, making it a searchable topic within a database. For example, #JustinBieber is a common hashtag that his fans (and his dislikers) use so that they can see one another’s tweets about him without having to actually be connected with one another. The hashtag connects the unconnected via a common topic.

We can all agree that Justin Bieber has an enormous social presence online and he himself uses hashtags to rally his fans around his latest cause. However, Justin Bieber with all of his social clout, still makes use of a domain name His website is where clear information is given regarding his appearances, upcoming shows, official images and so forth. The website is free from the noise and hysteria of social media making it a calm and reliable place to ascertain the facts.

So, like Justin Bieber’s, your website is where you can provide clear facts, in-depth information, perform transactions and communicate professionally with your stakeholders. The hashtag is not a replacement for your website, however they can be used to drive traffic and communicate. The hashtag can also be used to perform accurate market research – social applications have turned market research on its head making what was once a very expensive exercise practically free of charge and if you are not using them in this way, you really are missing out on some great information.

In reality, domain names and hashtags are complementary entities, neither one is ready to replace the other. You can access social media to promote your business, research your competitors and monitor your customer satisfaction. This is a very ‘eyes open’ approach to business management. For example, if you see someone complaining about the service at your store with such a hashtag as #DontShopAtSuchAndSuch you can make contact with them via social media and offer to try to remedy the situation. This not only appeases the angry customer, it also shows the public that you are honest and trustworthy.

Hashtags and social media allow you to take part in the conversation but it is your website that allows you to have a one-way conversation where you get to be the voice of knowledge and authority. Hashtags are not the newdomain names; they are not even close to being so. Your website still needs to be the place people can go to for information that they can trust.


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