Importance of keeping your CMS version up to date

If you are one of the millions of people that use a content management system program for your site, then we need to stress why it is so important to...

Web Design, Online Security

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22 Apr 2015 / Freeparking Team / Web Design Online Security

Why you just can't ignore the significance of mobile

The use of mobile has increased 400%, for the first time in history, mobile has exceeded the number of desktop users in 2014, these days manufacturers and telco’s are making...

SEO, Mobile Websites, Responsive Design

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9 Apr 2015 / Freeparking Team / SEO Mobile Websites Responsive Design

How to Install Google Analytics

Once your website is set up you may want to monitor visits and general user engagement.

Marketing, Google Analytics

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2 Dec 2014 / Freeparking Team / Marketing Google Analytics

Installatron – An easy way to install web applications

With Installatron, you can install web applications like WordPress, phpList, LimeSurvey, and much more with just one click.

Web Design, Website Hosting

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24 Oct 2014 / Freeparking Team / Web Design Website Hosting

What’s the Best Domain Name for My Business?

If you are looking to find the right domain name for your business, you might be considering if these new domain name extensions are something you need to worry about.

gTLDs, New gTLDs, New Domain Extensions, .nz Domains

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27 May 2014 / Freeparking Team / gTLDs New gTLDs New Domain Extensions .nz Domains

Why Go Mobile?

According to statistics more than half of New Zealanders are now accessing the Internet via a mobile phone.

Web Design, Mobile Websites

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5 Mar 2013 / Freeparking Team / Web Design Mobile Websites

Understanding Google Analytics

Understanding the Google Analytics reports will give you clues about the health and overall appeal of your site.

SEO, Marketing, Google Analytics

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6 Aug 2012 / Freeparking Team / SEO Marketing Google Analytics

Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Servers

It is common knowledge that for your website to be visible online, you will need to find a hosting company that will provide you with server space.

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26 Jul 2012 / Freeparking Team

Windows Web Hosting for Beginners

Windows web hosting is perhaps one of the most established and longest running hosting services on the internet today.

Web Design, Website Hosting

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3 Jul 2012 / Freeparking Team / Web Design Website Hosting

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