Can I Register an Expired Domain Name?

Typically, a domain name is not available immediately for registration after the registrant fails to renew it, though this does vary with different registrars.

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9 Mar 2017 / Aliesha Ellington

8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing your domain name is not a decision that should be taken lightly. You will have to live with your choice for a long time – for better or worse.

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8 Mar 2017 / Aliesha Ellington

My Domain is Already Taken! What Should I Do?

Having the right domain name is important for building a brand for any business. A domain name is part of the public face of your business, so you’ll want it...

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7 Mar 2017 / Aliesha Ellington

Keep Your Domain Secure

Many organisations overlook the security of their domain name when they are developing or reviewing their security policies.

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6 Mar 2017 / Aliesha Ellington

A New Domain Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your SEO

A new domain may be necessary when you are trying to build a memorable online brand. You may also want to consolidate multiple domains into one.

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3 Mar 2017 / Aliesha Ellington

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing your Domain Name

Having a website is extremely beneficial to your business, as it establishes your online presence. However, a lot of business owners often do not realize how much a domain name...

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3 Mar 2017 / Aliesha Ellington

Cybersquatting: How to Avoid Becoming a Victim

Domain squatting, otherwise known as cybersquatting, occurs when a person buys, registers, traffics, or otherwise uses a domain name that is confusingly similar to a personal name or trademark.

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3 Mar 2017 / Aliesha Ellington

Why Your Blog Needs a Custom Domain Name

When starting a website, you need to get a domain name and a host. The domain name is the address to your website, and it is a very important part...

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2 Mar 2017 / Aliesha Ellington

Boost Your Brand with a Unique TLD

The internet space is constantly expanding in order to accommodate increasing users and in the same way, there has been an expansion in domain extension alternatives, giving new businesses and...

Brand Marketing

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2 Mar 2017 / Aliesha Ellington / Brand Marketing

What are DNS Records and How Do I Use Them?

In order to understand what Domain Name System (DNS) records are, first need to look at what DNS is.

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1 Mar 2017 / Aliesha Ellington

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