5 Ways to take your Website to Light-speed

8 Aug 2019 / Freeparking Team

Making your website uber fast is the number one thing you can do to improve its performance on the internet. It’s good for search, for your website’s Google quality score, and of course for ensuring your readers engage with your content.

Given that readers typically have an attention span less than a goldfish (only 8 seconds) you must make an impact from the moment your site loads. Read on for essential speed tips!

1) Fast loading

Nothing will slow down your website’s speed more than sloppy coding. The fix is easy. Use industry standard website builders (e.g. WordPress Divi themes, Wix, Squarespace, orSitewiz) or if you’re a DIY guy (or girl) make sure you are a coding conquistador, who follows all the standard coding conventions. Not sure? Check it out with the W3 validation service. It’s free. (https://validator.w3.org/)

2) Smush those pics

In WordPress we have a handy plugin –SmushIt – that dramatically reduces the size of pics. This type of plugin is useful, but you can create a similar effect manually on non-WP sites by ensuring you only upload the size of the pic you need. Don’t forget for online display purposes you only need 300dpi for crisp images, and you don’t need to load every size of the picture available, only the size you’re using. If you’re not using WP you can also try TinyPNG.

3) Cache it, cache it good

Prioritise this and while you’re at it, ensure you’re using lazing loading. Essentially, these options mean your site is only accessing the required files and resources at the exact time it needs it.

4) Great hosting

Great hosting (ahem, likeFreeparking!) ensures that your website has the best opportunity to load at the speed of light. Lesser hosts are plagued by inefficient traffic handling and security breaches that result in websites running slow. Don’t risk that! Remember, you’ve got 8 seconds to make that great first impression.

5) Limit plugins

Let your content bring the wow and limit the plugins and extra goodies (music, videos etc) on your website. All these add-ons add onto the website’s loading speed, so instead of the bling, rely on your stunning written content and hero images to win your readers and win the web.


A website security breach is difficult to come back from. You may lose your audience’s trust, along with some of its revenue. For that reason, it’s important to ensure that you have the correct security precautions in place. 

Let’s recap the best ways to speed up your website:

  1. Use an industry standard website builder (i.e.Sitewiz)
  2. Compress your images
  3. Utilise lazy loading on your website
  4. Move to a better host (likeFreeparking)
  5. Limit the amount of plugins installed

Do you have any further questions about your website’s speed? Let us know in the comments section below!

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