3 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Presence

19 Mar 2019 / Freeparking Team

If your business isn’t on social media by now, then it’s best to take care of that right away. Customers expect the businesses they patronize to have a social media presence, and in many cases, not having one can decrease their trust and engagement.

Having well-designed profiles on social media enables you to show off your business to the world in its best possible light. If you establish a strong presence and attract a following, your business is likely tobenefit from it immenselyin terms of exposure.

In this article, we're going to talk a bit more about the importance of social media to your business. Then we'll go over three tips to help you boost your presence online. Let's get to work!

Why Your Business' Social Media Presence Is Important

If you make a list of your favorite businesses and brands, we'd be willing to bet that all of them use at least one social media platform. In many cases, popular brands will be active across several different social sites.

There's a reason businesses invest so much time on social media, and it's not because they have nothing better to do. Here are some of the ways having a social media presence can benefit your company:

  • Social media platforms can help drive traffic to your site.

  • You can use status updates to inform followers about new content, products, and promotions.

  • You can point users towards a physical location, if your business has one.

  • Social media gives people a glimpse into what your business stands for and how you treat customers.

Social media may have started as a way to help people stay in touch with each other, but it's also a huge boon for businesses. Not only does it give you new platforms to advertise on, it also offers a lot of control over the way your brand is presented online.

3 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Presence

At a basic level, effective social media strategies must help you do two things – gain more followers, and keep them highly engaged. Let’s look at three strategies that can help you achieve both of those fundamental tasks.

1. Schedule and Automate Your Posts

If you want your social media accounts to gain a large number of followers, then you’ll need to update them frequently. Just how frequently depends on what platforms you use.

For example, according to some studies the sweet spot for Facebook is about one update per day. Instagram falls within that same ballpark, but you can post up to twice every 24 hours. Other platforms, such as Twitter, require you to be far more active if you want to get the most out of them, with some popular accounts posting up to 15 tweets per day.

The problem is that being this active on multiple social media sites (or even just one) can be time-consuming. That's why we recommend automating new posts across all of your target platforms whenever possible. That way, you can focus on coming up with new content, and you won’t have to access multiple accounts each day just to share it.

Fortunately, there are several services that can help you schedule and automate post sharing across social media. All you have to do is pick one, and connect it up to whatever platforms you’d like to focus on.

2. Encourage User Interaction

Posting often on social media is a wonderful place to start. However, if none of your updates get any replies, likes, or other engagement markers, then you're probably doing something wrong.

The more engagement your posts get, the more likely it is that people will share them, which usually translates to additional followers. Here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind if you’d like to encourage user interaction:

  • Respond to every comment you get, so your followers can see that you pay attention.

  • Focus on sharing interesting and new content, instead of creating cookie-cutter posts.

  • Use images whenever possible, since they increase the likelihood that your posts will get noticed.

  • Encourage user-generated content submissions by holding contests and giveaways.

When you're trying to get your business' social media presence off the ground, contests and giveaways are often the most efficient way to get a head start. As long as you offer rewards that will grab users' attention, then you have a good shot at gaining plenty of new followers.

3. Use Social Media to Assist Your Customers

One of the best things about using social media as a business is that it provides you with new channels to help your customers. These days, it's common for people to ask questions of their favorite businesses through their social profiles:


 interaction example


In the past, in order to get in touch with someone who could answer your questions, you usually had to call a phone number or send an email. Now you can just send a direct message or reply to a post on the business’ profile, and chances are high that they'll get back to you.

If you're the business in that scenario, social media gives you the chance to show that you're on top of customer service. By answering questions through your profiles, you can help both new and potential customers solve any issues they might have. Plus, the faster you respond, the more satisfied users will be with the interaction, which is a smart way to build your credibility.


Even if your business already has a social media presence, chances are there's room for improvement. Ideally, what you want is a sizable following of users who interact with you often. When people see profiles that post new content all the time and get a lot of engagement, they pay attention, and that's something you can capitalize on.

When it comes to social media, these three basic tips will help you grow your presence and keep your followers engaged:

  1. Schedule and automate your posts.

  2. Encourage user interaction.

  3. Use social media to assist your customers.

Do you have any questions about how to build a strong social media presence for your business? Let's talk about them in the comments section below!


Image credit: Pixabay.


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