3 Ways Having a Trusted Site Seal Can Increase Your Website Performance

19 Mar 2019 / Freeparking Team

You may have come across a website with a site seal and wondered what it signifies. Statistics show that four in five website users do not know how site seals and SSL certificates work.

Site seals are placed on websites with secure socket layer (SSL) certificates. This means that the site has been verified and there is encryption on the website protecting your details from being seen by any third party. The  SSL certificate  displays the name of the domain for which the certificate was issued, the owner of the certificate, and the location of the owner.

Website owners who care about the safety of their site users get protection and SSL certificates. This is fairly common with e-commerce websites. The site seal is of two types–the static site seal that is just a plain image displayed on the site, and the dynamic site seal that gives further information about the SSL certificate when clicked on.

Having a site seal from a trusted website security provider has immense benefits that can increase your website and business performance. Such benefits include…

         It reduces bounce rate

Having a site seal from a trusted website security company earns you trust. This makes your visitors do business with you. As your bounce rate decreases, your website rank increases and draws more visitors.

         Your visitors trust you more

A visitor trusts you more if he knows his data is safe on your website. Most users look for a site seal when on a site that asks for sensitive information. E-commerce sites and other websites which require instant online payment need site seals to gain trust.

         It increases conversion rate

A survey carried out by Crazy Egg shows that websites with trusted seals are 48% more likely to perform better than sites without seals. This increases visitors to your site and makes them complete transactions or drop contact details for an email subscription. This significantly generates conversion and better ROI for you.

You stand to make better sales and conversion when you have a trusted seal on your site. You can have that and more when you subscribe to our website security and get an SSL certificate. Secure the details and data of your visitors by getting a SiteLock seal on your website today.


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