At Freeparking, we know you need your website online all day, every day, so our servers are monitored 24/7 and are NZ hosted in a state-of-the-art data centre in Auckland. Our infrastructure classification (internally assessed) is between Tier II and Tier III. The full facility is manned 24/7 by the Customer Care Team who manage customer access and escalate automated alert conditions for the facility, network and hosting platforms.


Our high speed circuits to New Zealand’s public internet exchanges provide a high performance path between the ICONZ data centre and your New Zealand based business. Our routing and switching technology is configured to ensure that the failure of a network device does not result in a complete loss of service.

Comprehensive Security System

CCTV monitoring systems protect all lobby areas and entry points to the data centres. Access to the building is secured by an Electronic Access Control System; access to the data centre floors requires the use of an Electronic Key at all times. This provision extends to the entire building outside of normal business hours. A biometric security system provides a second layer of access control to the data centres themselves. All security doors within ICONZ house are self-closing and auto-locking. Customer access to either data centre is by pre-approved photo access card only and is limited to the authorised rack. All visits are logged. Access can be immediately revoked by the account owner if required.

Power & Cooling

ICONZ data centres are supported by independent, redundant (N+1) UPS backup. Two diesel generators stand ready to take the load in the event of a power outage; the generators are tested under full operational load on an annual basis. The data centres offer N+1 cooling with a return air temperature target of 21 degrees C. All supporting infrastructure (UPS, generators and cooling systems) are routinely serviced to ensure their continued reliability and availability.

Fire Prevention

Our data centres have heat/smoke and fire sensors and direct alarm connections to the Fire Service. Early fire and smoke detection ensures critical computer hardware, customer data and applications are protected from the risk of fire. Gas Ionisation and smoke detectors are used to detect fire and smoke within the data centre.

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