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Become a Freeparking Affiliate. Free to join, No requirements, No fees.

How it Works

Sign up for a Freeparking account
Creating a Freeparking account is free. Already have one? Login and click your name, from the drop-down menu you’ll see ‘Affiliates’.
Generate a premade banner or HTML link
We have premade banners and HTML links preloaded with your affiliate code, ready to share straight from your dashboard.
Watch your earnings grow!
Keep track of clicks and commissions anytime from your affiliate dashboard.
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Get paid commission on referrals
Get paid up to 10% commission for every qualifying product a customer purchases using your affiliate link for the next 90 days. Once the threshold of NZ$200 has been reached, commission will be transferred to your bank account.
Affiliate Programme Features
  • Affiliate Management System
    Keep track of clicks and commissions using your unique affiliate code from your Freeparking dashboard. Here you’ll see stats for both clicks and commissions over the last 7 days, 30 days and 90 days.
  • Affiliate Banners & Links
    Choose from a range of premade banners to place on your website. You can have more than one banner on your site and can choose a selection of HTML links preloaded with your affiliate code.
Expert Customer Care
We’ll help get you started with Affiliates.