If you purchase domain names, email or web hosting services for your customers ...

But, don't want the hassle of becoming a Reseller, or you simply want to make some extra cash from your existing website, then Freeparking’s Affiliate Programme is for you.

It's easy! Register services for your customers, or let your website visitors register for themselves via a link from your site and earn commission on all qualifying orders. Freeparking’s Affiliate Programme can work for everyone: web designers, marketers, business advisors, developers, personal sites and more.

Join Freeparking's Affiliate Programme and get paid commission for domain names, email, hosting, DIY website builder and virtual server products. With the trusted brand of Freeparking, you can offer customers, friends and family online services such as domain names and web hosting. Each qualifying product registered through your Affiliate ID earns you 15% commission.*

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What's in it for me?

You've worked hard to develop a great website and customer base, now it's time to sit back and reap the rewards. Simply join as an Affiliate, direct traffic to Freeparking and make money. Freeparking will handle the order, deliver the product and answer customer enquiries, as well as give you all the tools, information, help and support you need to set up your affiliation.

To become a Freeparking Affiliate your domain and/or hosting account must be with Freeparking. There are no membership fees and no minimum number of sales required. You simply fill out an application and upon approval you will receive an Affiliate ID. The Affiliate ID allows you to register domain names and hosting accounts directly from your Affiliate account or alternatively you can put the search box code on your site and allow your website visitors to purchase online products themselves.

You will be paid 15% commission* for every qualifying product a customer purchases through your site or your ID. You can receive payment on a monthly basis as long as the minimum threshold of $200 is reached (amounts under this threshold can be carried over to the following month) or use your commission earnings to offset the cost of your own services. You can monitor your referred sales on a daily basis through your Affiliate account and watch your rewards grow! 

How does it work?

When you sign up to become a Freeparking Affiliate, you receive an Affiliate ID. You can use this ID to purchase services directly from your Affiliate account, or by using the search box code we generate for you which you can place on your site. Your customers can register their domain, email, hosting or virtual server services from your site and you get the commission! 

Affiliate Management System

Using Freeparking’s Affiliate Management System (AMS), you can keep track of products registered using your Affiliate ID. The AMS shows each product as a separate line item, total earnings to date, and total amount already paid out. You can sort your products by date added, current status, and alphabetically. The system will show you any products that have been cancelled and any negative amount against that product affecting your pending pay-out. At any time you can change your personal details, including website name, description, contact phone number or bank account details while logged into your Affiliate account. 

Affiliate Search Box

Freeparking has a range of smart looking Affiliate search boxes and banners you can place on your website for visitors to register their own products. You can have more than one Affiliate search box on your site and can choose from a selection of pre-designed banners. The affiliate search box generator can be accessed from within your Affiliate account.



By enabling your visitors and customers to search and register domain names, email, hosting, and website builder products from your website, you add value to your customer's online experience and get paid for your referrals.  Join forces with Freeparking and offer your customers online services today! 


There are no membership fees to become a Freeparking Affiliate. There are no hidden monthly costs or prepay expenses. The total cost to become an Affiliate is about 10 minutes of your time. 


Our Affiliate Programme pays you for every customer that registers a product through your site. Our secure tracking system makes it easy to view your account balances and registration history online and ensures that you will be paid for every order on a monthly basis.

Getting Started

To get started registering products from your website, simply become an Affiliate. The application process is easy. You will receive confirmation by email when your application has been approved and you can start registering domains and hosting immediately!

*some exclusions apply

Need Help?

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Need Help?

Steps to becoming an Affiliate:

  • Sign up for a Freeparking account if you don't already have one.
  • Read the Affiliate Programme Terms & Conditions
  • Complete the Affiliate Application Form
  • Await confirmation from Freeparking.
  • Generate banner code (if you want to place domain name search banners on your site).
  • Start registering online products and watch your earnings grow!